Korres Body Butter in Jasmine

Everyone has that one favorite scent, one that you just wish you could find a way to bottle it up and smell like it at all times. Vanilla, roses, freshly cut grass, spearmint, everyone’s got one. What’s mine? Jasmine. When I was a child we used to have night blooming jasmine right outside our windows; when summer came and we slept with the windows wide-open, that rich, jasmine scent became intoxicating. For years I’ve believed it is impossible to replicate that jasmine fragrance without smelling fake, like some chemicals with a touch of floral. Finally, after years of searching, my dreams came true; I stumbled upon Korres Jasmine Body Butter at my local Sephora. It was love at first sniff.

 This lotion is very thick, very creamy, hydrating, and non-greasy. It’s so thick I can hold it upside down without it budging! You only need a little, and a tube of this can last for quite a while. Even though it’s $29 for an 8 oz. tube, you definitely get your money’s worth. While this lotion does smell like Jasmine, it also has a sweet undertone, giving the scent an almost vintage vibe. If jasmine’s not really your thing, Korres has plenty of other fragrances; Basil Lemon, Fig, Japanese Rose, Vanilla Guava, and even Yogurt. I’ve yet to smell that last one, and honestly, I’m not sure that I want to. This body butter really is perfect for every weather, as I’ve found other lotions to be better for summers of winters, but not both. Korres also makes great Lip Butters, they’re very moisturizing and sheer. One of the colors is even called Jasmine! If interested, you can buy the body butter here and the lip butter here. Happy shopping! 🙂

BH Cosmetics Mini-Haul!

Look, it’s no secret, I love expensive makeup. I choose Clinique over Covergirl, Marc Jacobs over Maybelline, Bite Beauty over Burt’s Bees. I pay for quality. However, I’m also open to trying other “inexpensive” brands. I’ve heard about this company from just about everyone on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, so it’s a bit overdue for me to look into their products. I will be comparing performance and price points in the next week or so.

BH Cosmetics always has some sort of sale or deal going on. When I placed my order it was free shipping on orders over $25 and a free mystery eyeshadow palette. Currently, if you spend $20 you get 1 free gift, $40+2 free gifts, $60+3 free gifts, all with free shipping. Now it doesn’t say what the gift is, that’s the tricky part. This offer ends tonight at midnight, so if you’re interested in trying anything make sure you jump on this deal! Another thing I’m not too fond of is the constant fluctuation of their prices; one of the palettes I bought was $13 and 4 days later it was $9. 😒 Anyways, let’s see what I bought, and what free palette I got! 

This is what I bought, the “Galaxy Chic” Baked Eyeshadow Palette and a 10 shade Foundation & Concealer Palette. When checking their site, this eyeshadow palette just floored me with its beauty, and it’s cost. I mean, just look at those shadows!

While I’m not too fond of baked shadows, this galactic theme was too cool to pass up. Even if it doesn’t perform well I’ll still keep it; it’s just so beautiful! Closer pictures and reviews of the shadows will be coming soon, currently being swatched. You can purchase the Galaxy Chic palette here.

One of the BIGGEST hassles of doing someone else’s makeup is finding a correct foundation and concealer shade. Everyone has such different pigmentations and undertones, it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect shade, one that isn’t too orange or too pink. BH Cosmetics carries two different versions of this palette; one with lighter shades and one with darker shades. This is Palette 1.

These are cream foundations and concealers, with the lightest shade being an almost pure white, and the darkest a nice, neutral tan. Closer pictures and reviews coming soon, currently being tested. You can buy the Foundation and Concealer Palette here.

Lastly, what you’ve all been waiting for, the mystery eyeshadow palette!

Hmm. Still not really sure how to feel about this palette. I am the queen of neutral shadows, rarely ever use color. Especially not these colors: 

Bright is an understatement, try more like “shockingly vivid”! Those top three rows make me anxious just looking at them, and that lime green is already giving me nightmares. However this was a free palette, so can’t really complain. Hopefully I’ll be able to whip up some perfect summer looks with this electric wonder! Closer pictures and reviews coming soon, currently swatching. You can buy the Eyes on the ’80s Palette here.

There you have it, 48 eye shadows and 10 foundations for $26. Impressive, right? So tell me, have you purchased anything from BH Cosmetics? Do you have any favorite products? Comment below! 🙂

Mani Monday: 1950’s Polka Dots

Mani Monday is a new segment I’m hoping to start; posting every other Monday because I honestly don’t have the time to paint them every single week. Unfortunately my favorite polishes (and the ones used in this mani) are discontinued, they are the Sephora by O·P·I brand. They are so pigmented, last for weeks, and only cost $9.50, I have no idea why Sephora decided to part ways with O·P·I. Now they sell the “Formula X” brand, which isn’t the best quality. Actually, I’ll be reviewing their polish next Mani Monday. Dupes will be posted below. Here’s what I’m rockin’ on my nails this week, red sparkle with white polka dots!


Products used: butter LONDON Pillar Box Red, Formula X Atom+Eve, butter LONDON Cotton Buds

Lush Cosmetics Discontinued Items List

Well, it’s that time of year again; the time when Lush decides to get rid of some of their beloved products to make room for new ones. This list has been going around online, I’ve seen it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While these are definitely being discontinued in the UK, it is still being speculated about whether they’ll be discontinued in the US. I asked my shop manager on my latest visit to Lush and sadly, she confirmed the list. 😦

Bath: Phoenix Rising bath bomb, Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, Space Girl bath bomb, Rose Queen bath bomb, Dorothy bubble bar, and Amandopondo bubble bar

Shower: You Snap The Whip body scrub, Aqua Mirabilis body scrub, Sweetie Pie shower jelly, Grass shower gel, and Flying Fox shower gel

Soap: Godmother, Ice Blue, Dirty, and Magnificent

Face and Body: Aqua Marina cleanser (rumored), Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion, Lustre dusting powder, Lovely Jubblies body cream, Tiny Hands hand cream, Putty for your Hands soap, Stepping Stone foot scrub, Formulae Known As body lotion, and Vanilla Puff dusting powder

Hair: Ultimate Shine shampoo bar, Squeaky Green shampoo bar, Zeste styling gelly

Tis a sad day, my friends. Amandopondo, Dorothy, Dirty, and Sweetie Pie have been around for a long time, and will be sorely missed. As for Granny Takes a Dip and Magnificent, we hardly knew you, but the time we had was fun. Any of your favorites on this list? Stock up while you can! Run to your nearest store, or click the links here (US) or here (UK) to pick up some of these goodies before they are gone for good.

Tropi-coral Color #2: Island Berry

The colorful looks continue, this time taking a “berry” unexpected twist. (Ahh, I’m so punny!) Purple is the dominant color here, with a pop of blue and a hint of pink. If warm shades aren’t really your thing, this look is perfect for you. A nice, cool-toned eyeshadow, black mascara/liner, and a bright lip. All shadows are by Urban Decay, but some of them are discontinued, so I will link the dupes in the product list at the end of this post.

For the eyes, you’ll need 4 eyeshadows: a bright, turquoise blue, a cool-toned magenta, a medium violet-purple, and a light, rosy shadow. As always, prime your eyelids. I use eyeshadow primer, but others use white eyeliner, moisturizer, concealer, etc. Cover the entire lid with the magenta shadow, blending it upward to the crease. Apply the violet shadow to the outer corners of your eye, and blend into the crease. Use the turquoise shadow around the inner eye corner, and blend into the magenta shadow. Finish by blending the rosy shadow along the crease and upwards towards the brow bone. Caution: be very careful when blending these eyeshadows, too much and it’ll look like you have a black eye! As always, complete the look with some eyeliner and mascara.

Use your favorite primer, foundation and concealer, set with powder. Apply a cool toned plum blush, and a soft contour and highlight. For the lips, I used a purple/pink lipstick and added some magenta shadow to give it some shimmer.

There you have it, a tropical, cool-toned look! Only one more “Tropi-coral” look, what color scheme will it be?? Stay tuned! 😉

Products used: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer PotionUrban Decay Fishnet shadowMAC Parfait Amour shadowUrban Decay Peace shadowUrban Decay Scratch shadowBuxom Lash MascaraUrban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in ZeroHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood ExposureBite Beauty Lipstick in Lingonberry

Tropi-coral Color #1: Tequila Sunrise

After reviewing the Bite Beauty lipsticks, they really got me inspired to try some brightly colored looks. Since it’s summer, I decided to dub them “Tropi-coral Color” (Ehh, see what I did there?) and make a few that can be easily replicated. So without further ado, let’s dive into this look, inspired by a Tequila Sunrise! P.S.- Here’s the link to make one : Tequila Sunrise. Enjoy! 😉

This look consists of a gradient yellow, orange, and red eyeshadow look with dark brown eyeliner, some slight contouring and highlighting, and orange-coral lipstick. I’ve also done this look with red and orange lipsticks, so either are fine to use as well. All of the products used will be listed and linked below. Some of my products I used are limited edition and are unavailable, so I will be posting the dupes for them in the list.

To begin, use eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid, all the way up to your brow bone. Next, add a yellow eyeshadow to the inner portion of your eyelid, blending out to the middle. Take an orange eyeshadow, add it to the middle of your eyelid and blend with the edge of the yellow. Use a red eyeshadow, one that preferably has a slight orange tinge to it, and blend along your outer lid and into the edge of the orange. If you want to up the contrast, you can blend a darker red into your crease. Add a transitioning/highlighting shade to your brow bone, and blend it slightly with your other shadows; this will make the look softer. Finally, line your eyes with brown eyeliner or shadow, again depending on how soft you want the look to be; I went with brown shadow. Finish with mascara and tightline your eyes.

For the foundation part of this look, begin with a primer. Apply your favorite foundation and concealer, and set with powder. Using a warmer shade to coincide with the warmer eyeshadow, contour and highlight your cheekbones. Add a highlight to your cupids bow as well.

Lastly, apply your lipstick! I chose to use an orange lipstick with a hint of coral, but a bright red or orange works just fine. To amp up your lipstick, apply a golden shadow to the center of your lips; it will unify the look.

Voila! Tequila Sunrise is finished, and looking beautiful if I may say so myself. If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, give this look a try. It’s easy, and not too over the top.

Products used: Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, MAC Bright Sunshine Shadow, Make Up For Ever S732 Orange ShadowMake Up For Ever ME744 Poppy ShadowMAC Mystery ShadowMake Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant MascaraUrban Decay Eyeliner in ZeroKat Von D Shade +Light Contour PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteBite Beauty Lipstick in Tangerine