Tropi-coral Color #2: Island Berry

The colorful looks continue, this time taking a “berry” unexpected twist. (Ahh, I’m so punny!) Purple is the dominant color here, with a pop of blue and a hint of pink. If warm shades aren’t really your thing, this look is perfect for you. A nice, cool-toned eyeshadow, black mascara/liner, and a bright lip. All shadows are by Urban Decay, but some of them are discontinued, so I will link the dupes in the product list at the end of this post.

For the eyes, you’ll need 4 eyeshadows: a bright, turquoise blue, a cool-toned magenta, a medium violet-purple, and a light, rosy shadow. As always, prime your eyelids. I use eyeshadow primer, but others use white eyeliner, moisturizer, concealer, etc. Cover the entire lid with the magenta shadow, blending it upward to the crease. Apply the violet shadow to the outer corners of your eye, and blend into the crease. Use the turquoise shadow around the inner eye corner, and blend into the magenta shadow. Finish by blending the rosy shadow along the crease and upwards towards the brow bone. Caution: be very careful when blending these eyeshadows, too much and it’ll look like you have a black eye! As always, complete the look with some eyeliner and mascara.

Use your favorite primer, foundation and concealer, set with powder. Apply a cool toned plum blush, and a soft contour and highlight. For the lips, I used a purple/pink lipstick and added some magenta shadow to give it some shimmer.

There you have it, a tropical, cool-toned look! Only one more “Tropi-coral” look, what color scheme will it be?? Stay tuned! 😉

Products used: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer PotionUrban Decay Fishnet shadowMAC Parfait Amour shadowUrban Decay Peace shadowUrban Decay Scratch shadowBuxom Lash MascaraUrban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in ZeroHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood ExposureBite Beauty Lipstick in Lingonberry

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