BH Cosmetics Mini-Haul!

Look, it’s no secret, I love expensive makeup. I choose Clinique over Covergirl, Marc Jacobs over Maybelline, Bite Beauty over Burt’s Bees. I pay for quality. However, I’m also open to trying other “inexpensive” brands. I’ve heard about this company from just about everyone on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, so it’s a bit overdue for me to look into their products. I will be comparing performance and price points in the next week or so.

BH Cosmetics always has some sort of sale or deal going on. When I placed my order it was free shipping on orders over $25 and a free mystery eyeshadow palette. Currently, if you spend $20 you get 1 free gift, $40+2 free gifts, $60+3 free gifts, all with free shipping. Now it doesn’t say what the gift is, that’s the tricky part. This offer ends tonight at midnight, so if you’re interested in trying anything make sure you jump on this deal! Another thing I’m not too fond of is the constant fluctuation of their prices; one of the palettes I bought was $13 and 4 days later it was $9. 😒 Anyways, let’s see what I bought, and what free palette I got! 

This is what I bought, the “Galaxy Chic” Baked Eyeshadow Palette and a 10 shade Foundation & Concealer Palette. When checking their site, this eyeshadow palette just floored me with its beauty, and it’s cost. I mean, just look at those shadows!

While I’m not too fond of baked shadows, this galactic theme was too cool to pass up. Even if it doesn’t perform well I’ll still keep it; it’s just so beautiful! Closer pictures and reviews of the shadows will be coming soon, currently being swatched. You can purchase the Galaxy Chic palette here.

One of the BIGGEST hassles of doing someone else’s makeup is finding a correct foundation and concealer shade. Everyone has such different pigmentations and undertones, it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect shade, one that isn’t too orange or too pink. BH Cosmetics carries two different versions of this palette; one with lighter shades and one with darker shades. This is Palette 1.

These are cream foundations and concealers, with the lightest shade being an almost pure white, and the darkest a nice, neutral tan. Closer pictures and reviews coming soon, currently being tested. You can buy the Foundation and Concealer Palette here.

Lastly, what you’ve all been waiting for, the mystery eyeshadow palette!

Hmm. Still not really sure how to feel about this palette. I am the queen of neutral shadows, rarely ever use color. Especially not these colors: 

Bright is an understatement, try more like “shockingly vivid”! Those top three rows make me anxious just looking at them, and that lime green is already giving me nightmares. However this was a free palette, so can’t really complain. Hopefully I’ll be able to whip up some perfect summer looks with this electric wonder! Closer pictures and reviews coming soon, currently swatching. You can buy the Eyes on the ’80s Palette here.

There you have it, 48 eye shadows and 10 foundations for $26. Impressive, right? So tell me, have you purchased anything from BH Cosmetics? Do you have any favorite products? Comment below! 🙂

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