Bite Beauty Frozen Berries Matte Créme Lipstick in Barberry

Every brand has one shade that is deemed “universally flattering”; Nars blush in Orgasm, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo, Stila eyeshadow in Kitten, etc. When it comes to purple lipsticks, Bite Beauty’s Barberry nails it. The color is difficult to describe, a gorgeous pinky-plum that adjusts to your lips natural color. That’s why in some reviews the lipstick differs between looking more pink/plum, lighter, or darker. On me, this lipstick looks darker.

As with every Bite lipstick, the formula is creamy, moisturizing, and long wearing. Unfortunately, that also means it melts very easily. If you’re ordering this online, just be prepared to cool them down. I bought mine in-store and they STILL were covered in condensation! It has a lovely berry scent, and the lipstick tube has a different design. Barberry wore well for 6 hours, only fading around the corners of my mouth. I did notice some slight feathering a couple hours into wearing it, but it wasn’t severe. If you have smaller lips (as do I), you might want to apply with a lip brush first. Barberry is very pigmented, and a shaky application will definitely show. Once removed, this shade leaves a lovely berry-pink stain.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries BarberryBite Beauty Frozen Berries Barberry

Barberry on top, Black Cherry on bottom

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries BarberryBite Beauty Frozen Berries Barberry

Left: Barberry       Right: Barberry stain w/clear gloss

Barberry is a U.S. exclusive, and can be purchased in-stores or online here. It currently shows it is sold out online, but I have no doubt it will be back in stock eventually. These lipsticks cost $24, the same price as their permanent collections.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Canadian Maple Collections: What do you think?

Bite Beauty released their new limited-edition autumn collections a few weeks ago, and I feel like it’s time to talk about them. The Frozen Berries lipsticks are a U.S. exclusive, while the Canadian Maples are a (you guessed it) Canada exclusive. Unfortunately I live a few states away from Canada, so I’m stuck with their U.S. lipsticks. Sorry Canadians, no review for the Maples! Even though I love Bite Beauty so much it’s unreal at times, I feel a bit iffy on their “Frozen Berries” lineup. After looking at all the shades in store, I only bought two: Barberry and Black Cherry.

Each Frozen Berry lipstick costs $24, the Opal lip gloss is $22, and the Opal lipstick is $24. All products are available in-store and online here. Canadian Maple lipsticks cost $28, Opal lip gloss in $25, and Opal lipstick is $28. Limited edition Candian Maple Agave Lip Mask is $30, Canada exclusive.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

From Left to Right…

  • Plum: rich eggplant, dark reddened-plum
  • Elderberry: deep purple, dark burgundy
  • Juniper: deep fuchsia, bright pinky-red
  • Barberry: muted orchid, cool-toned pink-plum
  • Black Cherry: deep oxblood, dark red burgundy

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

From Left to Right…

  • Warmed Maple: bright orange, slight yellow undertones
  • Candied Maple: bright medium red-orange
  • Braised Maple: medium brick-red, orange undertones
  • Sugared Maple: medium dark berry-plum, cool undertones
  • Mulled Maple: same shade as Black Cherry, a reddish oxblood/burgundy

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

Available to both the U.S. and Canada, Opal Creme Lip Gloss and Lipstick. Sheer two-toned pearl lip gloss and lip stick, can be worn alone or over other products for a multidimensional look.

*All images are from Bite Beauty’s Instagram profile.

Problem Number One: These shades are primarily dark. While this collection is being carried through until October, Bite decided to release these purple, wine colored lipsticks in July. I’m not one to follow makeup guidelines, but darker lipsticks are usually more fall/winter-y colors, not summer. If they were released in mid-late August, I would totally be on board with these. Maybe my expectations were a bit skewed, as when Bite announced they would be “Frozen Berries” I immediately thought of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries; instead I was given barberries, plums, and elderberries. What the heck is a barberry?! (Funny enough, that’s one of the shades I bought!)

The Canadian Maples are on the complete opposite of the color spectrum, as their lipsticks are primarily orange and red. Why not a nice mix of both? I would kill for that orange shade (Warmed Maple, I think), and I’m sure some Canadians would love a dark purple (Elderberry).

Problem Number Two: They aren’t matte. Advertised as “Matte yet Moisturizing”, I must disagree. When thinking of matte lipsticks, NARS  matte lip pencils, MUFE lipsticks, and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks come to mind. This is the one thing that always irks me about Bite’s advertising, NONE of their lipsticks are by the definition “matte”. There is always some shine to them. I absolutely adore their lipstick formula, they are incredibly creamy and comfortable, but I feel Bite is misleading buyers by claiming their lip products are matte. If you’re looking into these lipsticks, just be aware that they have some shine.

On a happier note, what are some good things about this collection?

Pro Number One: These shades are gorgeous! Despite my rant earlier about how they were too dark for summer, these colors are perfect for fall and winter. Ranging from a bright pinky-red to a deep, moody burgundy, Bite has the cold weather lippie on lock. Many shades are dupable from both the U.S. and Canadian lines, so be on the lookout for that. For instance, Plum is very similar to Bite’s permanent shade Mulberry.

Pro Number 2: They are semi-hydrating. Hmm, maybe because they AREN’T matte? Sorry, I promise to stop the matte-rant…for now. Seriously though, these lipsticks are pretty hydrating. When the day is done and the makeup comes off, my lips are in perfect shape.

Pro Number 3: They leave a nice stain. Not every lipstick can stay on forever, and not every one can create a beautiful berry-stain once it leaves. This is one of the biggest pros in my opinion, because there are a numerous amount of lipsticks that create an awful bright, pinkish stain. Not the case with these; after a few hours of wear your lips will be left a light wine color, with varying amounts of pink and purple depending on the shade. The color is so nice that you could put a clear gloss over the stain and wear that for the day.

Let’s see, 700+ words later and this post is complete. Time to wrap it up with some questions for you: What are your thoughts on this? Like it/Love it? Have you tried out either of the two new collections? Any favorite shades? Let me know in the comments!

Urban Decay “Naked Smoky”: Looks & Review

One week later, and the review is done. Looks have been created, shadows have been tested, everything is complete. Now the big question: Is this palette worth the hype? This is a very tricky question, as so many things must be factored into my opinion. I own all three of the other palettes, so I’m using them in comparisons of pigmentations, blending ability, and lasting power. Here are three looks I created, one using the gold/brown shades, one using silver and grey, and another using grey and black.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky #1Urban Decay Naked Smoky #1

Look #1: Combust on the lid, Dirtysweet on the outer eye corner, inner eye corner and crease, Radar on the outer eye corner and slightly blended into crease, High used on center of lid, Thirteen on the brow bone and blended into crease, eyes lined with Whiskey.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky #2Urban Decay Naked Smoky #2

Look #2: Combust on the eye area as a base, Password and Slanted on the lid, Dagger on the outer eye corner and crease, Armor on the center of the lid, Thirteen on the brow bone and blended into the crease, eyes lined with Black Market.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky #3Urban Decay Naked Smoky #1

Look #3: Combust on the eye area as a base, Password on the lid, Dagger on the outer eye corner and crease, Smolder on the outer eye corner, Thirteen used as a brow bone and lid highlight, eyes lined with Black Market.

If I had to rate all the palettes on an overall basis, I’d give Naked an A, Naked 2 an A+, Naked 3 a B+, and Naked Smoky a B, on the verge of a B-. These shadows are very nice for a smoky eye, but there is one glaring problem: a good amount of these shadows are VERY difficult to blend. Some of the darker shades were powdery (Black Market and Dagger), some weren’t as pigmented (Radar and Slanted), and some had fallout (Armor and High). However, with all these problems set aside, I do like this palette. Dirtysweet is absolutely gorgeous, and I’d say my favorite shadow out of all the Naked palettes! Despite having a lot darker colors, the lighter shades make it possible to do a nice everyday look.

If you are trying to decide between Naked Smoky or another Naked palette, go for the other palette. I don’t think this is a necessary palette; but if you have that innate need to complete a collection like myself or are actually interested in this palette, I’d say go for it. Naked Smoky is very nice, it’s just that it’s predecessors are better. Let’s take a look at my favorites and fails:

Favorites: Dirtysweet, a beautiful shimmering golden bronze, very pigmented and blends like a dream. Slanted, a pretty light-metallic grey, lacked some pigmentation but it’s great for shading. Password, a taupe-grey matte, a buttery matte that’s great for great for shading. Whiskey, a deep brown matte, extremely pigmented and great as a liner. Thirteen, a light beige matte, perfect for lightening areas and as a transitioning shade into the brow bone.

Fails: Radar, a sparkling brown, really lacked pigmentation. Armor, a metallic silver-brown with sparkle, really cool shade, but has major fallout problems. Dagger, a medium charcoal with some light shimmer, very pigmented but chalky and difficult to blend. Black Market, a black satin, powdery and difficult to blend. Smolder, a deep plum-taupe, powdery, was expecting more purple, it’s just another gray shade.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

Since this fragrance was released in 2007, Daisy has become iconic. Popular amongst all age groups, it brings to mind the feeling of a warm, sunny, spring or summer day. It’s definitely floral, but not cloyingly floral. Daisy is described as being fresh and feminine, with a touch of playful innocence. It’s elegant and enchanting, but not too serious. Sophisticated and timeless, with a bit of whimsy. When I smell this perfume, I imagine a summer Sunday morning, with clean white sheets, sunlight streaming in through the window, and a fresh bouquet of flowers on my bedside table. If you’re looking for that perfect light, bright floral scent, definitely check this one out. Available at almost any perfume shop, but here are links to SephoraUltaMacysNordstromThe Beauty Store UKBoots, and FeelUnique.

Marc Jacobs DaisyMarc Jacobs Daisy

Notes: Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

Styles: Bright. Alluring. Eternal.

Comparisons: Marc Jacobs “Dot” is cleaner, less floral. Elizabeth and James “Nirvana White” is deeper, has more musk. Dior “J’adore” is heavier, richer. Dolce & Gabbana is cleaner, lighter. Bvlgari “Mon Jasmine Noir” is cleaner, deeper. Juicy Couture “Viva La Juicy La Fleur” is cleaner, sweeter. TokyoMilk Dark “Tainted Love No. 62” is darker, less floral. Philosophy “Living Grace” is cleaner, less floral. Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb” is more floral, slightly more musk.

Urban Decay “Naked Smoky”: First Thoughts & Swatches

Urban Decay has always been a fairly popular brand, with their brightly colored shadows while the rest of the world was stuck in neutrals. However, I believe you can trace their current mainstream success to the date June 29th, 2010; the day the first Naked palette was released. Since then Urban Decay has expanded the Naked Collection, most recently with this palette, Naked Smoky. I will not have a final review on this product yet, as I am still playing around with it. Therefore, all of my first thoughts are based on swatches. Just think of this as a preview post. 🙂

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Naked Smoky is definitely different than it’s predecessors, from it’s color layout, darker shadows, packaging, and purpose. All of the other Naked palettes are organized lightest to darkest, while Smoky is arranged by shadow finish. The shadows are arranged in groups of four. First you have your glitters/shimmers, then satins, and then mattes.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Another fairly obvious difference is that the majority of shadows are darker, but that’s what you’re looking for in a “Smoky” palette, right? You still have some nice transitioning and highlighting shades, but you’re mainly going to find some deep browns, grays, blacks, and even a purple.

On to my favorite difference, the packaging. I adore this design! The smoke swirled in the plastic top, the metal accents, the fact I don’t have to leverage the palette against another object to keep it from falling over, it’s fantastic! This is one issue I think Urban Decay took to heart, that all of the previous palettes had packaging problems. The first was cardboard, the second was difficult to open, the third was very top heavy and kept falling over, and none of them had adjustable mirrors! That is what I am LOVING about Naked Smoky, that it’s easy to open, won’t fall over, and I can adjust the mirror. ❤

Urban Decay Naked SmokyUrban Decay Naked Smoky

Lastly, the purpose. Earlier when this was first released, I remember reading a review about how they couldn’t use any of the shades for a neutral look, every shadow was “too smoky”. First, it is very possible to do a neutral look with this palette, I’ve already done so. Second, this product is called “Naked Smoky”; this is what the main purpose of the palette is for. I will delve a bit deeper into this issue in my review/looks post.

Without further ado, on to the color descriptions and swatches!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky HighUrban Decay Naked Smoky Dirtysweet

  • High: champagne shimmer w/microglitter
  • Dirtysweet: medium bronze, hint of copper

Urban Decay Naked Smoky RadarUrban Decay Naked Smoky Armor

  • Radar: metallic taupe w/ iridescent microglitter
  • Armor: metallic silver-taupe w/ sparkle

Urban Decay Naked Smoky SlantedUrban Decay Naked Smoky Dagger

  • Slanted: light metallic gray
  • Dagger: medium charcoal micro-shimmer

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Black MarketUrban Decay Naked Smoky Smolder

  • Black Market: jet-black satin
  • Smolder: deep plum-taupe

Urban Decay Naked Smoky PasswordUrban Decay Naked Smoky Whiskey

  • Password: cool taupe matte
  • Whiskey: rich brown matte

Urban Decay Naked Smoky CombustUrban Decay Naked Smoky Thirteen

  • Combust: soft pink taupe
  • Thirteen: light beige matte

As with all palettes, not every shade can be a winner. There are some that lack pigment or have some fallout issues, but that’s pretty typical. I found Black Market a little patchy, Armor has some fallout, and Radar is very light. Based off the swatches, my favorites so far are Dirtysweet, Armor, Slanted, Whiskey, and Thirteen. Even with the fallout Armor is so unique, and Thirteen is the perfect brow bone/transitioning shade for my skin tone! The Final Review & Looks will be up in a few days, as I am still creating some looks and taking some notes. To be continued! 🙂

Naked Smoky ($54) available for purchase at SephoraUltaNordstrom, and Urban Decay.

Mani Monday: Rosy Posy

Everything’s coming up rosy today! For this week’s mani, I wanted something summery, but not too bright. Towards the back of my nail polish collection, I found this; OPI in “Casanova Is So Into Me”. This color is very difficult to describe, it’s a deeper pink with some mauve undertones maybe? I’d classify it as a dusty, deep rose. You can see the pictures below and help me out in describing it!

Mani Monday PinkMani Monday PinkMani Monday Pink

I believe this shade is now discontinued, but some dupes are China Glaze’s Life Is Rosy and Passion For Petals,  Zoya’s Paige, and Seche’s Cascade.

So how would you describe this polish? Is it a pink or a mauve, or maybe both? I must admit, it was difficult finding dupes for this color. Let me know in the comments what you think!