Mani Monday: Formula X- The System To Go

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, like free makeup. Last month I walked out to my mailbox, just expecting some junk mail. You can imagine my surprise and fear when I saw a small Sephora box sitting on top of the junk mail I went out to get. Instantly thoughts ran through my head: “Did I place an order? I don’t recall buying anything.. Maybe I bought something after taking that sleeping pill, people do all sorts of crazy things after taking those! Oh my gosh, I just hope it isn’t anything insanely expensive!” Tentatively opening up the box, I was instantly relieved that it was a free gift from Formula X. That’s right, Sephora sent out FREE nail polish kits to hundreds, maybe even thousands of Beauty Insiders! Just when it looks like Sephora doesn’t care about their customers, they go and do a grand gesture like this. Stop playing with my heart Sephora, I just can’t take it!

So, what is this free nail polish kit? That would be the Formula X “The System To Go” nail quad with CLIX! technology. In my previous Mani Monday post you may have heard me voice my displeasure with the Formula X brand, as the polish chips very easily. I am pleased to say that with this set, in my eyes they have redeemed themselves. It comes with a nail cleanser, base coat, nail color, and top coat, all 0.5 oz. in size. Formula X sent me the shade “Alive”, a peachy pink. When used together, they create a manicure that can withstand a week’s worth of wear and tear. At the end of the week I noticed some chipping around my cuticles, but my nail tips were still shiny and polished. The System To Go also comes in the shades “Thrilling” (a cloud gray) and “Pyrotechnic” (dynamite red). My manicure pictured below is 10 days old; impressive! You can purchase this set from Sephora here.


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