Lush Cosmetics Shark Fin Soap

Time for another campaign from Lush! It seems like just yesterday they were selling a limited edition, Fizzbanger-scented soap for gay rights. Speaking of which, you can still purchase the #GayIsOk soap from here in the US or from here in the UK. Now they’ve moved on, selling a special sea-vegetable soap to help aid charities that keep sharks from becoming extinct. Even though I’m irrationally terrified of these aquatic carnivores, I still sympathize with this cause.

Every year, 100 million sharks are killed for their fins. Used in ancient Chinese Shark Fin Soup, they are worth quite a bit of money. Caught in enormous fishing lines, trapped in nets, and individually hunted down, sharks are brought up on the boat, fins are cut off, and the body is thrown back into the ocean to die. This barbaric practice is bringing sharks closer and closer to extinction, and it needs an intervention.

That’s where this soap comes in. All of the proceeds from this Shark Fin soap go directly to the Fin Free Movement and United Conservationists, two organizations working to end shark finning. At just $5.95 a bar, you can help this cause. This bar is a specially cut and decorated piece of Lush’s Sea Vegetable soap, shaped like an ocean wave and has a small paper fin on top. Full of sea salt, sea weed, and lime oil, this soap will have you dreaming of a fresh ocean breeze. Unfortunately, this soap is only available in the US and Canada; you can purchase it here. To learn more about this cause and sign the petition, click the link here for the video and here to sign the petition. Make sure to watch Shark Week on Discovery Channel as well!


Comparison of the “Love” and “Shark Fin” soap. Love soap is 4.2 oz and Shark Fin is 3.5 oz. Both are $5.95 and can be bought here.

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