BH Cosmetics “Galaxy Chic” Eyeshadow Palette: First Thoughts & Swatches

This review is a two-parter, with this post full of swatches and first thoughts and the one tomorrow a full review and some looks. What can I say, reviewing a 18-shade eyeshadow palette with a multitude of different colors takes time! You can purchase this from BH Cosmetics website here. Be careful, their prices constantly fluctuate; one day it’ll be $14, the other it’ll be $9.

Galaxy Chic by BH Cosmetics is a 18-shade eyeshadow palette, with a wide range of colors and shimmers. The shadows are baked, meaning they spend time out in the sun to create a smooth texture. Baked shadows can be used wet or dry. When used wet they have stronger pigmentation and when used dry they are sheer. Typically they contain shimmer or glitter, although there are some mattes on the market. Baked eyeshadows are also known for their beautiful, swirled look, as some shades have multiple pigments mixed in.

Out of this palette, there are 6 red/orange shades, two purples, 5 blues, 3 browns, and 2 grays/blacks. The finishes all include some level of shimmer, with some shades being very glittery. So if shimmer isn’t your thing, definitely pass on this one. A few colors were patchy and difficult to blend; others were very smooth and blended quite easily. After swatching these out, I can already tell I have some favorites and some duds. Let’s get to the swatches!

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