BH Cosmetics “Galaxy Chic” Eyeshadow Palette: Looks & Review

After swatching this palette, original post can be found here, I created three separate looks; one using the red and orange shades, one using the blue and purples, and the last using the neutrals. Sorry for the inconsistency in lighting; I take photographs in natural light and sometimes the weather isn’t compliant.

Galaxy Chic Look #1Galaxy Chic Look #1

Look #1: Jupiter on the lid, Prometheus blended on outer eye corners, Sun used as middle of the lid and inner eye corner highlight. Saturn blended from crease to brow bone. Eyes lined with Aphrodite.

 Galaxy Chic Look #2Galaxy Chic Look #2Look #2: Cosmic and Milky Way on inner eye corner and lid, Electra and Comet on outer lid. Meteor used as lid highlight, eyes lined with Neptune.

Galaxy Chic Look #3Galaxy Chic Look #3Look #3: Mercury on the lid, Mars on outer eye corners and crease. Asteroid blended into outer eye corners, Saturn blended into brow bone and lid highlight. Eyes lined with Pluto.

This palette definitely surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting too much of it. Baked shadows aren’t really my thing, but these may have just changed my opinion. They were on the sheer side, but could easily be built up for more pigmentation. Of course there was some fall out, as you would expect with glitter and shimmer shadows. All of my looks were done with primer, which does increase the pigmentation as well as lasting power. Now on to my favorites and fails of this palette…

Favorites: Prometheus, a dark red shimmer with white glitter, had minimal fall out for a glitter. Aphrodite, a gorgeous deep red with pink shimmer, extremely pigmented. Saturn, a pigmented shimmering nude that leans slightly orange, easy to blend. Comet, a shimmering aquamarine, great spring and summer color. Mercury, a sparkling light brown, great for a neutral look.

Fails: Milky Way, beautiful glittering purple, just too much fall out. Cosmic, a shimmering lilac that lacked pigmentation. Meteor, an icy-blue glitter that had zero pigmentation. Earth, a bright blue shimmer with white glitter, lacked pigmentation and had major fall out. Moon, a grey/blue glitter shade, wore off very quickly.

I must admit, one of the reasons I bought this palette was for those gorgeous blue and purple swirled shadows. Unfortunately, the cooler shades weren’t up to par. Many lacked pigmentation, were extremely glittery, and wore off in a few hours, even with primer. On the other hand, the warm shades were a dream. The reds and oranges were smooth and buttery, easy to blend, and lasted for 6+ hours with minimal fall out. As for the neutrals, they were hit and miss. Mercury, Mars, and Pluto were pigmented and blendable, while Asteroid, Electra, and Moon were extremely sheer and a pain to work with. For $12, I think this palette is a great deal and perfect for those that love shimmers. You can purchase the Galaxy Chic palette at BH Cosmetics here. Are there any shades you like from this palette? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

8 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics “Galaxy Chic” Eyeshadow Palette: Looks & Review

    1. They are! Very pigmented too, except for some of the blues. You can buy the palette on sale now for $10 at BH Cosmetics site, free shipping on any order over $20. Very nice deal! 🙂


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