Beauty Subscription Boxes: Which one is best?

It seems like we are living in the era of subscription boxes; Birchbox, Loot Crate, Ipsy, ShoeDazzle, BoxyCharm, Escape Monthly, GlossyBox, there is one for everything imaginable! As surprising as it may be, I have yet to subscribe to a beauty box; there are just so many choices! The two I have my eye on are Ipsy and Birchbox. It’s $10 monthly, you receive 4-5 products and it’s an amazing way to try new brands. GlossyBox and BoxyCharm cost a bit more, I believe it’s $21 a month. However, GlossyBox and BoxyCharm send out 5 full-sized luxury beauty products, while Ipsy and Birchbox range from deluxe samples to full size. If you are intrigued as much as I am, you can learn more about Ipsy here, Birchbox here, GlossyBox here, and BoxyCharm here.

So in this post I’m asking for your opinion; Have you subscribed to a beauty box? Which one do you feel reigns supreme? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Beauty Subscription Boxes: Which one is best?

  1. I’m a subscriber of GlossyBox and having only received one box, I am happy with my purchase so far! I think the packaging is a bit more luxe and therefore feels like more of a gift each month! 🙂 although the last Birchbox/Birchbag was amazzzzzeeee (I hope GB do one in a similar style soon!) I do know that both boxes tend to do similar things e.g. festival edits/French style xo

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  2. I subscribed to Birchox for over a year.. It was great because the of the point system they have and you can redeem them for purchase credits. I ended up canceling though because they started sending me repeat things!

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    1. The point system sounds nice! I did read that subscribers were getting the same items some months, but I also heard that happened to some Ipsy subscribers as well. Now I’m in that dilemma where do I spend more money to get all full size products, or spend a bit less and get deluxe samples and one-two full size products? The struggle is real! 😦


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