Urban Decay “Naked Smoky”: First Thoughts & Swatches

Urban Decay has always been a fairly popular brand, with their brightly colored shadows while the rest of the world was stuck in neutrals. However, I believe you can trace their current mainstream success to the date June 29th, 2010; the day the first Naked palette was released. Since then Urban Decay has expanded the Naked Collection, most recently with this palette, Naked Smoky. I will not have a final review on this product yet, as I am still playing around with it. Therefore, all of my first thoughts are based on swatches. Just think of this as a preview post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Naked Smoky is definitely different than it’s predecessors, from it’s color layout, darker shadows, packaging, and purpose. All of the other Naked palettes are organized lightest to darkest, while Smoky is arranged by shadow finish. The shadows are arranged in groups of four. First you have your glitters/shimmers, then satins, and then mattes.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Another fairly obvious difference is that the majority of shadows are darker, but that’s what you’re looking for in a “Smoky” palette, right? You still have some nice transitioning and highlighting shades, but you’re mainly going to find some deep browns, grays, blacks, and even a purple.

On to my favorite difference, the packaging. I adore this design! The smoke swirled in the plastic top, the metal accents, the fact I don’t have to leverage the palette against another object to keep it from falling over, it’s fantastic! This is one issue I think Urban Decay took to heart, that all of the previous palettes had packaging problems. The first was cardboard, the second was difficult to open, the third was very top heavy and kept falling over, and none of them had adjustable mirrors! That is what I am LOVING about Naked Smoky, that it’s easy to open, won’t fall over, and I can adjust the mirror. โค

Urban Decay Naked SmokyUrban Decay Naked Smoky

Lastly, the purpose. Earlier when this was first released, I remember reading a review about how they couldn’t use any of the shades for a neutral look, every shadow was “too smoky”. First, it is very possible to do a neutral look with this palette, I’ve already done so. Second, this product is called “Naked Smoky”; this is what the main purpose of the palette is for. I will delve a bit deeper into this issue in my review/looks post.

Without further ado, on to the color descriptions and swatches!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky HighUrban Decay Naked Smoky Dirtysweet

  • High: champagne shimmer w/microglitter
  • Dirtysweet: medium bronze, hint of copper

Urban Decay Naked Smoky RadarUrban Decay Naked Smoky Armor

  • Radar: metallic taupe w/ iridescent microglitter
  • Armor:ย metallic silver-taupe w/ sparkle

Urban Decay Naked Smoky SlantedUrban Decay Naked Smoky Dagger

  • Slanted: light metallic gray
  • Dagger: medium charcoal micro-shimmer

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Black MarketUrban Decay Naked Smoky Smolder

  • Black Market: jet-black satin
  • Smolder: deep plum-taupe

Urban Decay Naked Smoky PasswordUrban Decay Naked Smoky Whiskey

  • Password: cool taupe matte
  • Whiskey: rich brown matte

Urban Decay Naked Smoky CombustUrban Decay Naked Smoky Thirteen

  • Combust: soft pink taupe
  • Thirteen: light beige matte

As with all palettes, not every shade can be a winner. There are some that lack pigment or have some fallout issues, but that’s pretty typical. I found Black Market a little patchy, Armor has some fallout, and Radar is very light. Based off the swatches, my favorites so far are Dirtysweet, Armor, Slanted, Whiskey, and Thirteen. Even with the fallout Armor is so unique, and Thirteen is the perfect brow bone/transitioning shade for my skin tone! The Final Review & Looks will be up in a few days, as I am still creating some looks and taking some notes. To be continued! ๐Ÿ™‚

Naked Smoky ($54) available for purchase atย Sephora,ย Ulta,ย Nordstrom, andย Urban Decay.

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay “Naked Smoky”: First Thoughts & Swatches

    1. It is a pretty great palette, it’s surprisingly diverse! If you love Naked 3, then I’m pretty confident you’ll love this as well. Just be careful of the mattes! Very pigmented, but take some time and effort to blend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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