Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Canadian Maple Collections: What do you think?

Bite Beauty released their new limited-edition autumn collections a few weeks ago, and I feel like it’s time to talk about them. The Frozen Berries lipsticks are a U.S. exclusive, while the Canadian Maples are a (you guessed it) Canada exclusive. Unfortunately I live a few states away from Canada, so I’m stuck with their U.S. lipsticks. Sorry Canadians, no review for the Maples! Even though I love Bite Beauty so much it’s unreal at times, I feel a bit iffy on their “Frozen Berries” lineup. After looking at all the shades in store, I only bought two: Barberry and Black Cherry.

Each Frozen Berry lipstick costs $24, the Opal lip gloss is $22, and the Opal lipstick is $24. All products are available in-store and online here. Canadian Maple lipsticks cost $28, Opal lip gloss in $25, and Opal lipstick is $28. Limited edition Candian Maple Agave Lip Mask is $30, Canada exclusive.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

From Left to Right…

  • Plum: rich eggplant, dark reddened-plum
  • Elderberry: deep purple, dark burgundy
  • Juniper: deep fuchsia, bright pinky-red
  • Barberry: muted orchid, cool-toned pink-plum
  • Black Cherry: deep oxblood, dark red burgundy

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

From Left to Right…

  • Warmed Maple: bright orange, slight yellow undertones
  • Candied Maple: bright medium red-orange
  • Braised Maple: medium brick-red, orange undertones
  • Sugared Maple: medium dark berry-plum, cool undertones
  • Mulled Maple: same shade as Black Cherry, a reddish oxblood/burgundy

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Maples

Available to both the U.S. and Canada, Opal Creme Lip Gloss and Lipstick. Sheer two-toned pearl lip gloss and lip stick, can be worn alone or over other products for a multidimensional look.

*All images are from Bite Beauty’s Instagram profile.

Problem Number One: These shades are primarily dark. While this collection is being carried through until October, Bite decided to release these purple, wine colored lipsticks in July. I’m not one to follow makeup guidelines, but darker lipsticks are usually more fall/winter-y colors, not summer. If they were released in mid-late August, I would totally be on board with these. Maybe my expectations were a bit skewed, as when Bite announced they would be “Frozen Berries” I immediately thought of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries; instead I was given barberries, plums, and elderberries. What the heck is a barberry?! (Funny enough, that’s one of the shades I bought!)

The Canadian Maples are on the complete opposite of the color spectrum, as their lipsticks are primarily orange and red. Why not a nice mix of both? I would kill for that orange shade (Warmed Maple, I think), and I’m sure some Canadians would love a dark purple (Elderberry).

Problem Number Two: They aren’t matte. Advertised as “Matte yet Moisturizing”, I must disagree. When thinking of matte lipsticks, NARS  matte lip pencils, MUFE lipsticks, and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks come to mind. This is the one thing that always irks me about Bite’s advertising, NONE of their lipsticks are by the definition “matte”. There is always some shine to them. I absolutely adore their lipstick formula, they are incredibly creamy and comfortable, but I feel Bite is misleading buyers by claiming their lip products are matte. If you’re looking into these lipsticks, just be aware that they have some shine.

On a happier note, what are some good things about this collection?

Pro Number One: These shades are gorgeous! Despite my rant earlier about how they were too dark for summer, these colors are perfect for fall and winter. Ranging from a bright pinky-red to a deep, moody burgundy, Bite has the cold weather lippie on lock. Many shades are dupable from both the U.S. and Canadian lines, so be on the lookout for that. For instance, Plum is very similar to Bite’s permanent shade Mulberry.

Pro Number 2: They are semi-hydrating. Hmm, maybe because they AREN’T matte? Sorry, I promise to stop the matte-rant…for now. Seriously though, these lipsticks are pretty hydrating. When the day is done and the makeup comes off, my lips are in perfect shape.

Pro Number 3: They leave a nice stain. Not every lipstick can stay on forever, and not every one can create a beautiful berry-stain once it leaves. This is one of the biggest pros in my opinion, because there are a numerous amount of lipsticks that create an awful bright, pinkish stain. Not the case with these; after a few hours of wear your lips will be left a light wine color, with varying amounts of pink and purple depending on the shade. The color is so nice that you could put a clear gloss over the stain and wear that for the day.

Let’s see, 700+ words later and this post is complete. Time to wrap it up with some questions for you: What are your thoughts on this? Like it/Love it? Have you tried out either of the two new collections? Any favorite shades? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Frozen Berries and Canadian Maple Collections: What do you think?

  1. I wear dark shades year round, so these are actually perfect for me. No amount of sun can keep me from my taste in fashion, haha. I really love the opal shade, I got the gloss, but have the lipstick on its way. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. Nice post, it was very thoughtful and thorough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh how I wish I had your confidence! Many people (including myself) are a bit scared to rock a moody lip in summer. Since I am perpetually pale I tend to look gothic in darker colors XD
      Ooh, what do you think of the gloss? I’ve heard some say it’s really sticky, others that it’s nice and light. My store didn’t have it in stock when I went, and it looks really intriguing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think my face just tends towards drama — I have pale skin but black hair and heavy eyebrows. I totally think you could wear a berry lip year round, though! Anyway, it does have some stick to it. Not nearly as much as, say, their agave lip mask or other super sticky glosses, but if you press your lips together with it on, there will be a slight stick. I don’t mind it, so I can forget it’s on, but I can see other people being annoyed by it. If you’ve worn their glosses before or something like the Lancôme juicy tubes (maybe less sticky then them) you’d like this one.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You would look so fierce in Black Cherry! 🙂
        I do own a few of their glosses, and if it is the same consistency then that’s not too bad. I’ll be making a Sephora trip on Sunday, hopefully they’ll have it in stock!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks 🙂 I have had that and Elderberry in my cart at sephora for like a week, don’t know what I was waiting for, but then I got an email about a special going on /next/ week. Now I just have to see how much self-control I have to wait that long… Haha

        Liked by 1 person

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