Mani Monday: Sunkist Oranges

Happy Monday everyone! For those of you that hate Mondays with a burning passion (like me), let’s try and make it through the week together. It’s going to require lipstick, lots of caffeine, and frequent naps! This week’s manicure is brought to you by my favorite fruit, oranges. Only 3 months until these babies come back into season, and I am craving them like crazy! This manicure required 4 colors: orange, white, creamy yellow, and a sheer, shimmery yellow. I did have to  mix some different polishes to get the desired colors for the orange’s sectioning and interior; it wasn’t too much of a pain. It looks a bit rough around the edges, but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Mani Monday Sunkist OrangeMani Monday Sunkist Orange

As with all of my manicures & pedicures, I start off with Formula X nail cleanser. This preps your nails for base coat & polish, and prevents bubbles from forming. It takes seconds to try, and after that comes Formula X base coat. Once dry, apply two coats of orange polish. After this, the color mixing comes into play. Mix orange and white to create a light orange, and add a few drops of sheer yellow to give it some shimmer. Apply this from the base of your nails upwards, leaving a crescent of orange along the top. Mix orange, pale yellow, and white to use for the sectioning. Use a nail art brush or toothpick to create the sections. Start at the base of the nail and move upwards, stopping at the crescent. Take a little more sheer yellow polish and apply it to the inner corners of the sectioning, creating a gradient. Apply a tiny dot of pale yellow within each section, this will be the seed. Seal this all in with a top coat, and if you’re impatient some quick-dry drops.

Mani Monday Sunkist OrangeMani Monday Sunkist Orange

Products used: Formula X Nail CleanserFormula X Base CoatFormula X in UberFormula X in Livelybutter LONDON in Cotton BudsZoya in DaisyFormula X Top Coat

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