Lush Cosmetics “Don’t Look At Me” Fresh Face Mask

Semi-breaking news this Tuesday afternoon: Lush is adding two brand spankin’ new fresh face masks to their current line-up this week. This is only semi-breaking because they did announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…hmm, maybe this isn’t news at all…Well, if you haven’t heard, new face masks! Since the weather has been fluctuating between a nice, breezy 68 and a hot, balmy 90 degrees lately, my face has been going crazy. While clogged pores aren’t something to be excited about, it does mean I get to visit the store where skincare dreams are made, Lush! I was just expecting to pick up my usual, Brazened Honey and Love Lettuce, but I left with this little pot of wonder, Don’t Look At Me.

Lush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face MaskLush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face Mask

Don’t Look At Me and Rosy Cheeks are the newest members of the fresh face mask family, and they couldn’t be anymore opposite. If you’re a fan of Ocean Salt, you will LOVE DLAM. (Can I just call it DLAM? It gets tiring typing Don’t Look At Me so much 😦 ) DLAM is a super scrubby, bright blue mask mainly composed of ground rice, lemon juice, and murumuru butter. While the associate said this mask has a smell similar to Ocean Salt, all I can smell is Fruit Loops. Not that that’s an issue, if anything it’s the opposite of a problem! The other new mask is Rosy Cheeks, a floral, soothing miracle. No exfoliation in this mask: packed full of rose clay, rose petals, rose oil, and calamine powder, Rosy Cheeks is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Since I’m all about that Scrub Life, I chose DLAM.

While I would love to say I picked this mask because of it’s skin benefits, I didn’t; I picked it because of it’s name. Does anyone else have Mean Girl flashbacks to Damian at the Christmas Talent Show? That was literally all I could think about when the associate was talking about Don’t Look At Me! 😀

Lush Don't Look At Me Face Mask

Don’t Look At Me includes loads of lemon juice to tone the skin, a good amount of murmuru butter for moisturization, and plenty of ground rice for exfoliation. This mask also contains organic silken tofu, a little-known ingredient that softens your skin. The combination of lemon juice and fragrance make this mask’s scent reminiscent of one of my beloved cereals, Fruit Loops. It is also a gorgeous bright blue, letting you live out your dream of being in Avatar or becoming a Smurf for 10 minutes. That’s right, after leaving DLAM on your face for 10 minutes, wash this off in a gentle circular motion, making sure to exfoliate very carefully. This mask is super scrubby, and too much force can easily damage your skin. Dry off, finish with your favorite moisturizer (if needed), and marvel at your beautifully brightened, softened skin!

Lush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face MaskLush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face Mask

Lush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face MaskLush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face MaskLush Cosmetics Don't Look At Me Face Mask

L: “Don’t Look At Me!”   M: “Hmm, Avatar or Smurf?”   R: “Flawless!”

Don’t Look At Me is available only in-store, as it is a fresh face mask and needs to be kept refrigerated. It does cost more than the normal masks; DLAM is $10.95 while Love Lettuce is $6.95. Despite the price difference, this mask will definitely become a regular in my skincare routine. Have you tried this mask yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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