Lush Cosmetics Halloween 2015 Products?! Say whaaat?


Viewing this post in 2016? Click the link here to look at the Halloween 2016 spoilers! 🙂

Security breach: Lush’s Halloween List for 2015 has been leaked! I repeat, the list has been leaked! A lovely Lush employee (who shall not be named) gave the Lush community a spectacular, early “Halloween Treat”; a screenshot of the Halloween lineup. What beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t screenshot those already blurry screenshots, and post them for the entire interwebs to see? Based on the list, some favorites are returning, along with some new additions. Since the descriptions are a little blurry, I’ll do my best to fill you in on what I (and others) can read. If you’re a Lord of Misrule fanatic, this is your lucky day!

Lush Halloween 2015

Starting with the products, we have…

  • Lord of Misrule bath bomb- an instant classic. Vanilla, patchouli, and black pepper oil make this a warm, spicy bath. When dissolving, the green exterior cracks and gives way to wine colored center; it literally looks like you’re bathing in the blood of your enemies. Need I say more?
  • Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar- fruity with a boozy kick. Grapefruit, lime oil, and juniper berry give this bubble bar such a unique fragrance, it’s really lovely and uplifting! Sparkly Pumpkin produces tons of bubbles, you only need to use half. I have four of these babies in my Lush stash, so excited this one is returning!
  • Lord of Misrule shower cream- an Oxford Street exclusive, making it’s way to stores for the holidays. Packed with the same ingredients as the bath bomb, I feel this will be a huge hit and sell out very quickly. It appears that it will be sold in 3 different sizes, I can’t tell the price though.
  • Nightwing shower jelly- a bat-shaped shower jelly?! Yes please! While everyone seems divided on how this product might smell, the two frontrunners are Sweetie Pie and Calacas. This jelly will be sweet, but if it is Calacas-scented it will have a more citrusy scent, almost like lime jellybeans or gummy worms. It’s a great fragrance!
  • Aliens and Monsters fun- yet another Lord of Misrule scented product! This squidgy bar will have the same spicy scent, and can be used as a soap, shampoo, and bubble bar. If it’s like the Oxford Street version it should also come with some paper eyes, that way you can make your own monster or alien!

Now for the gift sets and one knot-wrap…

  • Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie- includes Sparkly Pumpkin and LoM bath bomb
  • Bat Heebie Jeebie- inludes Nightwing and LoM shower cream
  • Firecracker- includes Cinders, Experimenter, and LoM bath bombs
  • Full Moon KnotWrap- a super adorable, spooky knot wrap with a purple moon and bat outlines.

This list is of course not final, and there may even be more products in this lineup. It’s a little suspicious that there isn’t any bar soap available… However I have a feeling these are official, as the description, weight, ingredients, and price are listed. That’s a lot of work to go through for just a rough draft, don’t you think? These are slated for official release in early October, although there are talks of a “soft-release” in some stores in mid to late September.

*EDIT*- All of these products are available online and in-store now! Click here for US products and here for UK products.

Either way, I’m excited! I’m not the biggest Lord of Misrule fan, but Sparkly Pumpkin is my homegirl. Seriously, I still have four stocked up from last Halloween. That stuff is ahhhmazing! It would have been nice if they created a gift set composed of only Lord of Misrule products; that would have been brilliant! Are there any products you are excited to get?

19 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetics Halloween 2015 Products?! Say whaaat?

    1. Ooh how exciting! Usually Lush does release the products online first, and once they are online the stores should have them within the week. Right now only the bath bomb, bubble bar, and fun are available in store, and they should be receiving the shower gel and jelly within the next week or so. Hope this helped! 🙂


    1. At the moment, the shower gel, bath bomb, and bubble bar are available online; the bath bomb, bubble bar, FUN, and knot wrap are available in store. The shower jelly and shower cream should be available in store within 2 weeks. 🙂


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