I made an Instagram!

*EDIT- It is now “GoldenGlamour18*

If you’ve visited my blog page recently, you might have noticed the snazzy new pictures on the sidebar. That’s right, I FINALLY figured out how to hook up my instagram account to my blog! (Hey, not everyone is “tech savvy”) If you would like to follow me, my username is “GoldenGlamor18”. Why 18? GoldenGlamor was already taken (major side-eye right now) so I added my lucky number, 18.

GoldenGlamor Beauty Instagram

However, I am lacking in the number of people I follow. If you have an instagram, let me know your username in the comments; I’d love to follow you! I’m also looking for some “professional” people to follow; you know, like Priscilla Ono, Kandee Johnson, Vegas_Nay, etc. Any of your favorite beauty accounts YOU follow would be greatly appreciated as well. ❀

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