Ginger’s August Favorites: Everything’s looking Braziliant!

Wow, it’s already September! School is back in session, my college sleep deprivation has already started, and the weather is FINALLY starting to cool down! While I’m sad summer is nearly over, I’m extremely excited the fall season is almost upon us. It’s time for oversized sweaters, comfy boots, hot apple cider, and everything pumpkin. Plus, Halloween is just around the corner! Without further ado, here are my August favorites.

August Favorites 2015

Lush Cosmetics Braziliant Shampoo Bar- If you have thicker hair and a love for citrusy florals, you need this baby in your life. I’ve tried 5 out of 6 of Lush’s new shampoo bars (Lullaby, HIWMH, Jason and the Argan Oil, Montalbano, and Braziliant); Honey I Washed My Hair, Montalbano, and Braziliant have become staples in my haircare routine. This month Braziliant has been my favorite. Andiroba oil strengthens hair, while organic oranges, ylang ylang oil, and sweet orange oil make hair shiny and glossy. This bar has a nice, almost creamy citrus scent, cut through with florals from the ylang ylang oil. After using this one for four months, I had to repurchase another.

August Favorites 2015 Lush BraziliantAugust Favorites 2015 Lush Braziliant

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Bellini- A beautiful electric pink gloss, what else could a girl want for summer? There’s even a matching lipstick! Bellini is a bright fuchsia with cool undertones. This product is on the stickier side, but it’s so gorgeously glossy and leaves a beautiful stain. I received this mini in the 250 point lip-kit with a matching mini lipstick and little button mirror, and it is perfect! They’re doing these mini lippies for September and October too, in different shades, so keep your eyes peeled. The shade for September is Mimosa, a bright, slightly deep red.

August Favorites 2015 Bite Beauty Bellini LipglossAugust Favorites 2015 Bite Beauty Bellini Lipgloss

Tocca Perfume in Simone- Oh, how to describe this fragrance…it’s a clean floral, with a little sweetness. It is constantly changing, one minute it’s sweetly floral, the next it’s freshly clean. The official description is: “Sparkling notes of the tropical frangipani flower cut through the sea salt air, as Simone unfolds into creamy layers of watermelon, ylang ylang, and blonde woods.” Simone also has musk and amber notes, which give this fragrance depth and dimension. Unfortunately the scent does fade, but it’s worth toting around a rollerball. This perfume is definitely summer-esque, and is the perfect way to end August.

August Favorites 2015 Tocca Simone PerfumeAugust Favorites 2015 Tocca Simone Perfume

Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light- Being a pale girl in the summer ain’t easy. While it seems that everyone going to the beach, hiking, or just spending the day at Disneyland, gets nice and tan, we have to slather on sunscreen every hour to ward off sunburns. How do you stop from appearing ghostly white in selfies? Bronzer! Hourglass is known for their Ambient lighting powders; they make every picture you take look fantastic. To make these bronzers even better they infused them with their lighting powders, giving your skin a lovely glow. They come in two shades, Luminous and Radiant. These bronzers are very pigmented, so if you’re paler like me, I’d suggest tapping some excess powder off of the brush before applying.

August Favorites 2015 Hourglass Ambient BronzerAugust Favorites 2015 Hourglass Ambient Bronzer

Eyeshadow-turned-Highlighter brush- In one of the many brush sets I’ve accumulated over the years, I received this brush, labeled as an “All Over Eye” brush. Firstly, no. This thing is actually bigger than my eye! Second, the bristles are a little too stiff for a shadow brush. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a hurry and couldn’t find my normal highlighting brush. This just happened to be in the same brush container, so I grabbed it instead. My life has been changed, and this little guy has gone from being a benchwarmer to a starter in my daily routine.

August Favorites 2015 Highlighter Brush

How about some non-beauty favorites? Here’s what else I’ve been loving:

  • Portlandia- This show is hilarious! I’ve been binge-watching this on Netflix for the past couple weeks, and I’m in love. If you’re into indie, satirical TV shows, this is definitely one to watch. My favorite characters: Toni & Candace, Peter & Nance, Dave & Kath.

August Favorites 2015 PortlandiaAugust Favorites 2015 Portlandia

  • Face Off- A special effects makeup competition?! While I’ve never really delved into the world of special effects, I’ve just stayed in the beauty range, this show is SO much fun to watch. There is so much creativity, kindness, and amazing looks! It’s also really fascinating to see how much work goes into a look.

August Favorites 2015 Face OffAugust Favorites 2015 Face Off

  • Years and Years- This band has been on replay all month long; they are just fantastic. The lead singer Olly Alexander has such a unique voice, and their music is so infectious you can’t help but dance and sing along. Songs worth listening to: King, Desire, Take Shelter.

August Favorites 2015 Years and YearsAugust Favorites 2015 Years and Years

What have been your August favorites this month? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ginger’s August Favorites: Everything’s looking Braziliant!

    1. Hourglass makes the best powders; they’re fine milled to perfection! The only downside to their packaging is that they get smudgy REALLY easy. Thank you so much, it’s the perfect summer color. 🙂

      Ooh, I’ll definitely check it out!

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