Ginger’s September Favorites: Is It Fall Yet?

The entire month of September (and my favorites) seemed to have an overall theme: Is it fall yet? This last month was brutal weather-wise, with the average temperature being mid-90’s with humidity. It’s like California doesn’t care about seasonal weather norms, it’s summer all year long! I honestly don’t know why I’m so surprised, as it cycles like this every year. You might notice from the cover picture that there are only three products pictured. Yep, I only had three this month! It was too hot to wear makeup; September ended up being the month of “natural” looks. Let’s hope October will be the start of cooler weather; I’m ready for some cool and spooky evenings! 😉

Golden Glamor September Favorites 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette- Even though this palette has been in my makeup arsenal for nearly two years now, Naked 3 gets overshadowed by it’s siblings. However, rose-gold shadows have been beckoning to me lately. Maybe it’s because in this 90+ degree heat I want to look natural, and pinky-golds look more natural on me than greige and sparkling bronze. It’s surprising how versatile this palette really is, and is perfect for everyday wear as well as fall (remember, there’s a theme here!) These shades are great for all undertones, as Naked 1 was geared towards warmer complexions/Naked 2 towards cooler. Here are some swatches in different lighting. Naked 3 can be purchased here.

September Favorites 2015 Urban Decay Naked 3

September Favorites 2015 Urban Decay Naked 3September Favorites 2015 Urban Decay Naked 3

Lush Cosmetics Nightwing Shower Jelly- Yes, I bought this product on September  28th, and yes, it is that good. Good enough to make it on this list after only one use! Lush really outdid themselves with this one. While I was hoping for this jelly to be Calacas scented, this might be even better. Instead of having that sweet, lime candy fragrance, Nightwing smells like straight-up lime jello. I LOVE lime jello. It has that citrus tang and slight medicinal scent from the lime, with carob syrup amping up the natural sweetness. Plus it’s shaped like a bat, how adorable! (Edit: Mine was slightly bat-shaped, or more like an out-of-shape bat, haha!) Out of their entire Halloween range, this is the star. Nightwing can be purchased here.

September Favorites 2015 Lush Cosmetics NightWing Halloween Shower JellySeptember Favorites 2015 Lush Cosmetics NightWing Halloween Shower Jelly

September Favorites 2015 Lush Cosmetics NightWing Halloween Shower Jelly

BH Cosmetics “Eyes on the 80’s” Eyeshadow Palette- Rounding up my cosmetic favorites for September is this brightly colored palette, supposedly reminiscent of the 80’s. Since I wasn’t around then (90’s baby!) I can’t really speak on how authentic the color choices are, but they seem on par with what you see in the movies. While this palette isn’t really ideal for everyday wear, it is perfect for Halloween looks! Most of the shades have great pigmentation (some are a little chalky) and I love that there are a variety of finishes. Mattes, satins, and shimmers, oh my! This was available on sale for the longest time on BH Cosmetics website, and it appears it has finally sold out. They have other great colorful palettes available, so if this one strikes your fancy, definitely check out their website here.

September Favorites 2015 BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 80s Palette

September Favorites 2015 BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 80s Palette

What about some non-makeup faves? This might be surprising, but my life doesn’t COMPLETELY revolve around beauty.. 😉

30 Rock- This show. There aren’t enough words to describe how insanely awesome and hilarious it is. Netflix it, Hulu it, Amazon Prime it, just watch it! You won’t regret it!

September Favorites 2015 30 RockSeptember Favorites 2015 30 Rock

September Favorites 2015 30 RockSeptember Favorites 2015 30 Rock

X-Files- Another TV show I’m currently bingewatching on Netflix. It’s the perfect balance of sci-fi and legal drama with just a touch of creepy. Unfortunately I’m on Season 8, which means only 1 season left. 😥 There is a new X-Files show coming in January though, yay!

September Favorites 2015 X FilesSeptember Favorites 2015 X Files

“I Am Pusheen The Cat” by Claire Belton- Cat-lover or not, you will love this book. Just a heads up, this is more of a comic-type of book, but adorable and hilarious nonetheless. (P.S.-This favorite might appear in a future giveaway!)

September Favorites I Am Pusheen the CatSeptember Favorites I Am Pusheen the Cat

Pumpkin Beignets from Disneyland- Fresh from New Orleans square in Disneyland, these are the best things I’ve ever had in my life. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a vanilla sauce, these fluffy Mickey-shaped pastries are infused with just the right amount of pumpkin spice. I’m practically drooling on my keyboard while typing this!

September Favorites Disneyland Pumpkin Beignets

While this September Favorites post is coming at you a little late, there is a good reason why. First of all, one of my classes ends next week, so I’ve been busy studying and working on final projects. Boring, I know. The other reason why, I’m setting up a giveaway! The giveaway post should be up sometime next week, so keep your eyes peeled. 😀

What were some of your September favorites?

5 thoughts on “Ginger’s September Favorites: Is It Fall Yet?

    1. Oh my goodness, totally not a stupid question! I had to ask some lushies on instagram when I bought my first shower jelly last year XD While you can lather up with the jelly straight from the tub, you get more use out of it if you cut/tear the jelly into pieces and lather them up in a washcloth/loofa. 🙂

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  1. The nightwing jelly looks amazing! I really want to go and pick one up from Lush soon but I’m terrible with the Lush shower jellies, I always end up dropping them on the floor in the shower or using them wrong! ): I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog by the way, because I love your posts and I’d love to hear you answer the questions on it to learn more about you! :o)

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    1. It’s by far one of their best; the lime scent is just fantastic! ❤ I'm the same way; I cut my shower jellies into pieces and at least 1/3 of them end up on the shower floor XD Thank you so much for the nomination! 😀


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