How do you feel about Celebrity Perfumes?

Doesn’t it seem like celebrities do everything nowadays? They go from acting to singing, starring in face wash commercials, make some nightclub appearances, maybe try DJ-ing, release a brand of clothing, write a book, and create their own perfume. When I’m browsing the perfume department at Macy’s and I see One Direction’s “You and I” or Ariana Grande’s “Ari“, I always wonder who they’re marketing these perfumes for. Sure, a lot of the time they smell very nice, but would someone really buy a perfume created by a boy band? And if someone stopped them on the street to ask what delightful perfume they were wearing, would they actually say they were wearing “You and I” by One Direction? Or would that be too embarrassing?

The reason I’m asking this is just plain curiosity. Personally, one of my favorite perfumes in my collection is “Wonderstruck” by Taylor Swift. It’s a clean floral with a touch of sweetness; a perfect year-round scent. I also own a mini rollerball of Katy Perry’s “Killer Queen”, a dark floral with patchouli, and the two Elizabeth and James perfumes, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. All of these perfumes sit amongst different Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture fragrances, with some Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior as well. Needless to say, my taste in perfumes varies.

How Do You Feel About Celebrity Perfumes?

Do you own any celebrity perfumes? If so, how do you react when someone asks what you are wearing?

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