Halloween Tutorial #2: Oh Deer!

Note: Don’t you just hate when you set something to post on a certain day and time on WordPress, and then it glitches and doesn’t post? I mean WordPress, what the hell? This cute tutorial was supposed to be posted on October 30th, yet here we are, November 2nd. Even though it’s too late to attempt this for Halloween, please enjoy! 😦

In search of a super easy, super cute costume? One that verges on hipster-cool? Look no further! While cats and bunnies have dominated the animal-themed makeup world for years, there’s a new player in the game. The competitor? Adorable, lovely deer. This quirky yet cute makeup can be done in 15 minutes, with only a few products. Unfortunately, I totally blanked out and forgot to take pictures of me actually doing this look, and only took after pictures. 😦 Let’s see if I can successfully explain this with some diagramed pics!

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

First, here’s what you’ll need: foundation, setting powder, contour palette, mascara, eyeliner, and optional highlighter. Apply and set the foundation, and then dive into the fun part, contouring! I used the Shade + Light Palette by Kat Von D, which is a fantastic palette. I overlaid some numbers on the shades to make it easier to explain.

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

With this look, I only used shade #5 and #2. Starting with #5, shade the sides of your nose, and continue up into the brows. Apply #2 along the bridge of your nose, going up between the brows and stop at your forehead. Sweep #5 along your jawline, shading up past the chin and closer onto the cheeks. Also lightly apply along your hairline and bring it down onto the forehead. Using shade #2, apply right next to the nose contour, on the cheeks, under the eyes, above the brows, and on the cupids bow. Make sure all of this is looking smooth and blended, without any harsh fines along the jaw or forehead. Continue applying #5 onto the neck and chest, to complete the contouring.

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

Next, the nose and lips. Using a black eyeliner, liquid or pencil, begin sketching in the shape. Try and make it slightly boxy, as making it round makes it look cartoony. Fill in your top lip with black eyeliner, and fill in your bottom lip with a nude lipstick.

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

Finally, the eyes. Apply your mascara and eyeliner; tightline your eyes into the inner corners. Bring the liner in closer to the bridge of your nose, to help create the wide-eyed, animal-like effect. You can choose to wear false lashes, the wispier the better.

Another optional step (that I semi-regret doing) is adding dots of highlight to your face. While using white eyeliner is optimal for this step, I didn’t have any and resorted to using a highlighter. As you can see, it looks…alright. Add the white dots as accent marks along the cheeks and chest.

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

To complete this look, put your hair up into two buns. This will mimic the antlers, and also add another level of cuteness to this costume. This step isn’t shown in my final looks, but I highly suggest doing it!

Golden Glamor Halloween Tutorial Deer

Once again, I apologize for this late post, and hope that you still enjoyed it. This deer makeup was so much fun to create, and very simple too! If only I could take off those highlighter spots…oh well, too late now. I hope you had a great Halloween! ❀

2 thoughts on “Halloween Tutorial #2: Oh Deer!

  1. Hi Kelly!
    I think your makeup looks totally cute!

    I’ve been using NYX natural lip liner. I’m having a hard time finding it. Do you have any suggestions for something similar? Also, my 14 year old wants to wear eyeliner. She’s a red head with blue eyes. Any suggestions for eye liner?
    Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Julie! πŸ™‚

      If you’re looking for some higher-end lip liners, MAC’s Spice, Whirl, and Oak are all pretty similar. Spice is a little warmer, Whirl a little pinker, and Oak is pretty spot on. Make Up For Ever has really great neutral lip pencils too, especially 3C! Too Faced Perfect Lips liner in Perfect Nude is a dupe too. Some less-expensive liners are Rimmel London’s lip liner in Natural, Colourpop liners in Cookie, BFF, and Skimpy, and Milani lip liner in All Natural. πŸ™‚

      Ooh, how exciting! If she’s interested in liquid liner, Stila’s Stay All Day Eyeliner Pen is a personal favorite. It comes in a multitude of shades, is extremely easy to use, and lasts forever! Kat Von D’s Tattoo and Ink liners have a cult following as well, and NYX’s Curve eyeliner is great for beginners. Urban Decay has amazing pencil liners, Zero and Whiskey are my everyday eyeliners. NYX Slim Eye Pencils are very nice for the price, and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liners have crazy pigmentation. As for colors, sometimes black eyeliner can look a little harsh. Brown, taupe, and gray create a softer look, and gold eyeliner looks gorgeous on gingers. Hope this helps, let me know if you need anymore advice! ❀


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