Lush Cosmetics “The Icing On The Cake” Shower Roulade

Bearing the name “The Icing On The Cake”, this soap is destined to smell yummy and delicious. With ingredients like almond milk, orange peel, soya cream, and chestnut puree, this product doesn’t disappoint, and this roulade is mouth-watering. Before I’m tempted to take a bite, I should give this a review!

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

The Icing On The Cake is a soap, but in a roulade form. Having it in this design allows the soap to have more essential oils and butters than a regular bar would, so this is one creamy cleanser! It looks like a bright pink swiss-roll covered in frosting and glimmer. I’m not sure what’s in the outer layer of “frosting”, but it looks sooo good. Darn you Lush, making your products look like food! In store you can get this cut by price, this slice was $9.75. Even though it might not look like much, a slice like this will last for a couple weeks-months, depending how much you use it.

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade12282965_10205669489522118_712426383_n

Containing organic cocoa butter, soya cream, and almond milk, Icing On The Cake has a slightly creamy consistency. Fresh orange, lemon, and lime peels add a citrus element, while the chestnut puree and soya milk give it a creamy, almost nutty scent. To top it all off, davana oil and petitgrain oil provide a clean note, and that turns this into an almost boozy fragrance. All of these ingredients make this shower roulade truly unique.

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower RouladeLush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

Now, how exactly do you use this? There are two ways: you can break a little piece off and lather up with it, or use the entire slice like a bar of soap. For this review I used the former. It takes some time to build up a lather, which might be because of the cocoa butter and soya cream. Despite all of these moisturizing ingredients, my skin felt dry after using it. Onto the pros and cons…Pros: It smells heavenly, looks pretty, long-lasting, and the fragrance lasts for hours. Cons: Takes some effort to make a lather, dried out my skin, and is a little pricey.

While I probably won’t buy another slice, I will use up the one I currently have. It still smells heavenly, and I can use a moisturizing lotion to combat the drying issue. Have you tried this yet? 🙂

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