Covergirl Star Wars Limited Edition Waterproof Mascara

Finally, 4 weeks after The Force Awakens premiered, my review of the Covergirl Star Wars collection is complete! This review definitely took a while; it was set to post just a few days after the movie premiered but I had to keep pushing it back. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet, what on earth are you doing?! Run to your nearest theater ASAP and enjoy this amazing sci-fi film. Everything about it is perfect; the acting, cinematography, music, and cameos are all on point. Plus Adam Driver and Harrison Ford are in this, and I ❤ them both so much.

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens MascaraCover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara

Rounding out the three lipsticks (I’ll link the reviews at the end of this post) is the “Light Side Mascara”. There are two mascara types available; Light Side is waterproof, Dark Side is the regular formula. Since I own around 15 normal mascaras and only 1 waterproof, I decided to spring for the Light Side version. These are the same formula as Covergirl’s Super Sizer, which also comes in a waterproof version. It seems that the only difference is the packaging. The Star Wars mascaras have quotes printed on them, Light Side are Jedi related and Dark Side are Sith. There are 5 quotes for each formula, 10 in total. When I purchased my tube there were only 2 available, so I really didn’t get a choice on which quote I received.

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara
“Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try.”

Yeah, possibly one of the most quoted phrases in cinematic history. If you’re planning on buying one of these mascaras only for the quote, stick with the Dark Side; they’re way cooler!

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara

This mascara wand is a little odd. The shape is slightly bent to make it easier to apply, and the bristles are very short. When you want big, look-at-me lashes, normally a fluffy-bristled wand does the trick; obviously this one isn’t like that at all. However, after just one coat my lashes looked stunning! This formula is prone to being clumpy though, so I suggest doing the old tissue trick first. It may waste some mascara, but I’d rather do that than have clumpy lashes. 🙂

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara
After 2 coats: long, beautiful lashes!

This mascara is marketed as waterproof, yet there are so many on the market that fall short. After some rigorous testing, which included taking a shower with it still on my lashes, Covergirl really wasn’t kidding! This stuff was nearly impossible to remove, even after scrubbing my lashes with my trusty water-proof makeup remover wipes. If you’re searching for a mascara to wear to the gym or the beach, this is perfect for you. Doesn’t flake, doesn’t fade, and most importantly, doesn’t run.

Cover Girl Star Wars The Force Awakens Mascara

Seeing that this is sold for $7 (prices vary), this is a great mascara for the price. The only con is that the formula can be clumpy if you apply it straight out of the tube, but that can be fixed easily. It would be interesting to see how this compares to the regular Super Sizer mascara; if it’s the same, I just might have a new favorite mascara! ❤ You can purchase this and the entire Star Wars range on Covergirl’s website here or at your local drugstore/Target/Walmart. Be warned, this stuff is nearly always sold out in stores, so online is probably the best way to ensure you get what you want. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Covergirl Star Wars Limited Edition Waterproof Mascara

  1. This product isn’t only waterproof but it’s freaking everything proof! If being on the “light side” means having eyelashes and then following the removal of mascara having none, then Id rather be a sexy long lashed mascaraless civilian.


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