Mani Monday: Pale Pink & Pearlescent Shimmer

Why hello Mani Monday, long time no see! What has it been, about 2 months since our last manicure update? Too long, that’s for sure. In my defense, I haven’t done my nails at all during that time because I had an…accident. While trying to open a bottle of iced tea, I managed to chip off half of my thumbnail; hurt so bad I started crying! So I’ve spent the last 2 months growing that baby back so I can cover it in a fresh coat of lacquer. πŸ™‚

Mani Monday: Pale Pink & Pearlescent Shimmer

This Mani Monday was actually not chosen by me, but by one of my students. At work she asked me why my nails looked so plain, and told me I should make them light pink and sparkly. Since she is just the sweetest, I knew I couldn’t let her down. This very shimmery manicure is brought to you by Sephora’s Formula X nail cleanser and base coat, OPI’s Dear Diary, and LE Formula X polish in Life Is The Bubbles. Since a few of these are discontinued, I’ll post dupes below. Also, please ignore my horrendous cuticles and hangnails! I need to take care of those ASAP.

Mani Monday: Pale Pink & Pearlescent Shimmer12988072_10206626794774151_453387592_n12987952_10206626794614147_1225862195_n

My nails look so pearly, I’m in love! ❀ What color are your currently sporting? Also, I’m open to taking requests! Leave me a comment below if you have any suggestions/ideas on what I should do next. πŸ™‚

Formula X Nail Cleaner

Formula X Base Coat

Dear Diary Dupes: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Pink Ribbon by Butter London, Ballet Slippers by Essie, Stop It I’m Blushing by O.P.I

Life Is The Bubbles Dupes: Fairy Dust by China Glaze, This One’s For You by China Glaze, Sparkle On Top by Essie

Sally Hansen Big Kwik Dry Top Coat

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Blush in Fox

Before we delve into a review and swatches, I have a short little anecdote. When I was perusing Colourpop’s website for some products to review, I stumbled upon this blush. With the name Fox and the color description Coral, I kinda thought it would be a coral-y orange shade, kinda like a fox y’know? Anyways, this baby made the list and was purchased immediately. To my surprise, this blush is a bright, neon pinky-coral shade. No orange whatsoever, which disappointed me a bit. However, it never said there was orange in the description, so it’s my own fault for thinking there was. Maybe I still have that Ylvis song on the brain, who knows!

Colourpop Blush in Fox

Despite my error in judgement, this blush is quite a stunner. Very intimidating at first glance, but with the proper application Fox can make your complexion rosy and warm. πŸ™‚

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Fox12939134_10206600102226854_1461371106_n

First,’s official description: “You’ll be a stone cold fox in this mid tone warm coral in a satin finish“. Uhm, swoon! ❀ Forreal, these color descriptions sell themselves you guys. Look at any product on their website, they’re all so clever and cute!

12939628_10206600102426859_1823377909_nColourpop Super Shock Cheek in Fox

Now, my description and review: In certain lighting, Fox in pan looks nearly red/pink; it’s that dark of a coral. There is a very slight amount of shimmer, giving it the satin finish. The pigmentation is buildable, in the swatch picture below it’s one swipe on the right and two on the left. Colourpop’s blushes/eyeshadows/highlighters have a very interesting texture. In pan (or pot) they feel creamy, almost spongey? (sounds gross, I know!) When applied though, they act as a powder. You get the most pigmentation using your fingers to apply.


Using my finger, I applied a small swipe to the apples of my cheeks and diffused it quickly. These blushes lock into place, so blend while you can! Overall, I feel like it gave my face a lovely glow, adding a little color to my normally ghostly-pale complexion. After using this vibrant coral, I’m thinking about trying some of the more subdued shades from their line. In the pictures I’m also wearing Colourpop’s highlighter in Smoke N Whistles, another great product! Review will be up shortly for that one as well. πŸ˜‰

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Fox
Cheek with 1 swipe of color
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Fox
Cheek with 2 swipes of color

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Fox

Such a gorgeous flush! ❀ This beautiful blush is very reasonably priced at $8 and can only be purchased on Colourpop’s website here.