Beautycon Box Fall 2016 Unboxing!

You guys, I did a thing. Well more accurately I didn’t do a thing, which led to me doing a thing. Ever had that? In my case, it has to do with the always cool Beautycon Box. For those unfamiliar with it, Beautycon is a makeup convention that takes place yearly in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Dallas. Along with the conventions, they also have subscription boxes curated by beauty gurus. There are 4 boxes a year, usually sent out by season.

Back in May I signed up to receive a box Bunny (aka Grav3yardGirl) curated, and had to decide between a seasonal or annual membership. Since I wasn’t really down to pay $99 at one time, I decided to go seasonal. Priced at only $29 per box, it just seemed more logical at the time. However, after Bunny’s Spring Box came Kandee Johnson’s curated Summer Box, and I couldn’t pass that up. After receiving my Summer Beautycon Box, I planned & meant to unsubscribe…you see where this is going?

Yepp, I forgot to unsubscribe. You can imagine my surprise upon opening my door & finding this perfect little package sitting on my doorstep! It was a good surprise obviously, as what makeup addict doesn’t like more makeup?

Fall Beautycon Box 2016

This year, the Fall Beautycon Box is curated by Angel Merino (aka MAC_Daddy) and MakeupShayla, both social media superstars in the beauty industry. The box’s total value is priced at over $100, which is a steal for only paying $30. There are 11 products in total, sponsored by brands like Jouer, Milani, Luxie, Ofra, and Sugarfina. Overall I was pretty pleased with the products included; there was only one that I unfortunately won’t be able to use. 😦 Let’s see what we’ve got!

Fall Beautycon Box 2016

Wow. That Luxie angled brush? Those beautiful falsies? A freakin’ pack of Sugarfina Sour gummy lips?! *Heart-Eyes Emoji*This box is amazing. One thing I kind of noticed comparing this box to the last one though, the Summer box seemed to be a little more cohesive; most of the products had a common theme or went together in some way. Kandee’s box was mainly focused on skincare, with a few makeup items here and there. With this one, I don’t see that level of cohesion. I’m not sure that maybe the fact 2 makeup artists collaborated for one box is what’s throwing the vibe of this box off, but honestly I’m loving it. Any box I get that has a makeup brush is an automatic win for me, and the stickers and little lipstick pin are so adorable! ❤ Here’s the list of what’s inside below, along with the art print & stickers included:

Fall Beautycon Box 2016

Fall Beautycon Box 2016

Fall Beautycon Box 2016

Interested in becoming a subscriber? Click the link here to find out more about a membership! ❤

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