Mani Monday: Disney Characters

This week’s Mani Monday takes an art-deco look at some of your favorite Disney characters. Inspiration came from Pinterest, a haven for nail art. Each nail is color coordinated with the character, and includes some special design. Donald is on the thumb, then Daisy, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. Sorry Goofy, not enough space!

Mani Monday Disney Characters

Mani Monday Disney Characters

These nails are perfect for your next Disney vacay or a subtle way to show your Disney Side. What mani are you rockin’ today?

Disney Diaries #1: “Walking In Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” Tour

This is another series of posts I’m hoping to continue, a little insight on my many Disneyland visits. For those of you who follow/read my blog for makeup posts, don’t worry! I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette (and a few other goodies) today, so I’ll have a “First Thoughts and Swatches” post on my site Tuesday or Wednesday. This is just a little segment that I’ll maybe update once a month or so. Disclaimer: If Disney just isn’t your cup of tea, just scroll on past this post.

On Wednesday I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the famed “Walking In Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” Tour. It is a 4 hour tour, comprised of about 2 1/2 hours of walking, a 30 minute lunch/dinner break, and then spending some time in the exclusive Disneyland Dream Suite. All participants are given listening devices so you can hear the guide better, and ride a few rides. In my case, a few meant two. Still, it was a fun and informative day! My tour started at 1:30 and ran until 5:30, so I’ll give you the rundown on how the day went.

My tour partner and I arrived at Disneyland a little early, almost an hour early to be precise. Not wanting to sit around waiting for an hour, we decided to grab some Starbucks on Main Street (yeah, there’s a Starbucks in Disneyland! They’re everywhere!) and relax for a bit. We played a lively game of checkers inside the Starbucks lounge area, in which I brutally lost. What can I say, I haven’t played checkers since I was 10. At around 1:15, we headed over to the tour center and checked in for our tour. The hosts gave us an over-the-ear listening device, as well as the lunch menu to choose an entree, dessert, and a drink for our future lunch break. Once 1:30 hit, we were off!


Walking throughout the entire park, we were given information about Walt and his vision with Disneyland. How when he visited Switzerland, he wanted to bring his own version of the Matterhorn to Disneyland. The Imagineers had to build the world’s first tubular steel roller coaster to make this attraction happen. How Fantasyland was Walt’s favorite land, as when he was a child he rigged himself up in the backyard to fly like Peter Pan. How Pirates of The Caribbean was actually going to be a walkthrough wax museum, until the popularity of “It’s a Small World” at the World’s Fair gave them the idea to change the ride structure into boats. How Main Street USA is not only inspired by Walt’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri, but also has touches of other animators hometowns as well. For instance, the Town Hall and Train Station on Main Street are inspired by worker Harper Goff’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Very informative! We also rode Alice in Wonderland and The Haunted Mansion, with the latter being one of my favorite rides. ❤


After our lunch break, I had a salad and a macaroon, my tour partner had a sandwich and a slice of cake, we went up to the Disneyland Dream Suite. You guys, this apartment is AMAZING. All of the rooms are so beautiful and themed, with some new technologies added. For instance, in one of the rooms there is a “Good Night’s Kiss” button, and when pressed it creates a visual display on the walls with lights and added sound effects. In one of the bathrooms next to the bathtub there is a button named “Stars”. When pressed it illuminates the top of the blue-tile ceiling with, you guessed it, stars! Out of all the different rooms, my favorite was definitely the dressing room. It was a lovely light pink, with a beautiful, large vanity and a view over the river. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I stayed around a bit longer and our guide said I could snap a few pictures, but only of certain things. For instance, I couldn’t take a picture of the entire room, but I took a picture of the fireplace and a painting on the wall. I honestly didn’t care, it just felt like such an honor to be there. After this, we were bid adieu and left down the metal staircase, our tour officially over.


If you are looking into taking one of the many-offered Disneyland tours, this is definitely one to consider. It is very history based, making it the perfect tour for those wanting to learn more about how Walt Disney created this amazing amusement park. You can learn more about the tour here, and the other tours offered here. I know this post was super long compared to my previous ones, sorry! My future Disney posts will be a lot shorter, I promise! This was just so exciting, I wanted to share as much information as I could with you. 🙂

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