Ginger’s August Favorites: Focus on the Cheeks!

Let’s be honest, if you’re a ginger who is prone to passing out at any temperature over 90 degrees, you’re kinda happy when summer comes to a close and autumn rolls in. Since I live in Southern California though the weather won’t be THAT much different, but hey, it’s something! Goodbye sunburns & heat rash, Hello cool breezes & pumpkin spice everything. Actually who am I kidding, I’ll probably find a way to get sunburned in September. Pale Girl Problems, am I right?

Ginger's August Favorites

NARS Blush in Goulue: Okay, so I feel a littleee bad about including this on my list, as not everyone can purchase it. It’s a VIB Rouge exclusive shade, meaning you gotta spend $1,000 a year to be able to purchase this bad boy! That or find someone to purchase it through, which gives off some black market makeup vibes, but honestly it’s worth it. This blush has a soft shimmer finish, giving your cheeks a nice, illuminated glow. Goulue is a mid-tone, rosey/berry shade. The pigmentation is incredible and it blends like a dream. What more could you ask for? If you’re a VIB Rouge and haven’t discovered this amazing exclusive product, you can purchase it for $30 through the link here.

NARSgoulueNARS Goulue.jpg

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Smoke N Whistles: Highlight & strobing, originally thought of as beauty fads, are definitely proving that they’re here to stay. Whether it’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit or Becca Champagne Pop, these glittery products have taken the beauty industry by storm. Colourpop, an indie brand that has become nearly mainstream amongst makeup addicts, makes some bangin’ highlighters. The texture is so unique, a velvety cream to a soft powder, and has insane pigmentation. Smoke N Whistles is a cool-toned pinky-champagne with silver shimmer. It has a pearlized finish, and is best applied with synthetic or duo fiber brush. Personally though, I apply with my BeautyBlender and it gives my skin an airbrushed glow. At only $8 a pot, the price point on this product is unbelievable. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try one of these shimmery beauties, head over to Colourpop’s site ASAP and pick one up here.


Lush Cosmetics Jersey Bounce Shampoo: Despite having thick hair, the summer humidity really took its toll on my poor locks, zapping away any volume my hair ever had. Thankfully, that’s where this miracle worker came in handy! Jersey Bounce is one of Lush’s newer shampoos, a lemony-gel filled with sea salt sure enough to give your hair some lift. Coarse sea salt deeply cleanses and gives loads of volume, while free-range eggs & honey condition and nourish your hair. Fresh lemon juice, Sicilian lemon oil, and Persian lime oil are added to give this shampoo a delightful citrus scent. After using Jersey Bounce a few times a week, I found my hair to be incredibly soft with a noticeable difference in volume. As opposed to Big, another Lush shampoo, Jersey Bounce has more conditioning ingredients and a little less salt. Big can be harsh on some hair types, just a heads up! Basically, this shampoo is staying in my life for a long time. ❤ Purchase it from Lush in the USA here and in the UK here.

Lush Jersey Bounce.jpg

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Palette: While I will always love my Urban Decay Naked palettes, the Tartelette palette has become a quick favorite of mine. It’s an all-matte palette (no shimmer!), with 12 shades ranging from mauves & plums to taupes & browns. Each shade has a buttery texture, incredible pigmentation, and is unbelievably easy to blend. Tarte makes many of their products with Amazonian Clay, the secret ingredient that makes these shadows magical. ❤ The packaging is a perfect mix of cute & chic, and the size is perfectly portable. Each row has 4 shadows, all of which coordinate with each other. While I have mixed and matched different rows, I still find it best to go with the layout. The shades in this palette tend to lean cooler-toned, while the shadows in the Tartelette In Bloom palette lean warmer. Priced at $45 as compared to a $54 Naked palette, Tartelette is actually kind of a steal! You can purchase it from Sephora, Ulta, and Macys.


Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve: If you were to search through my purse a few months ago for a lip balm, chances are you’d find quite a few. EOS, Chapstick, Jack Black, even Vaseline! I’m a lip balm junkie. However, if you were to search now, you’d only find one product: Rosebud Salve. This little tin contains this fantastic goop that practically heals all skin ailments. Lips dry/chapped? Rosebud’s gotchu. Skin dry? No problem. Got a minor burn? This stuff helps take the sting out. Amazing! Not to mention it has a beautiful rose fragrance and a very slight pink tint, making it the perfect lip balm. Sephora and Ulta carry this salve for just $6, don’t sleep on it!


Now for some non-beauty related favorites; here’s what I’ve been obsessed with in August:

Stranger Things: I’m not even sure how I can describe the way this show makes me feel. Its a phenomenal new Netflix series, a perfect mix of scifi, thriller, drama, and nostalgia. Taking place in the 80’s, a small town in Indiana undergoes some serious issues when trouble starts brewing at a neighboring government laboratory. I’ve literally watched this entire series three times, and I’m really tempted to start it again.


Retro Video Games: While trying to get rid of some clutter in my garage, I happened upon a flimsy cardboard box simply marked “games”. Curious, I opened it and to my complete shock, inside was my Nintendo 64, 2 controllers, and dozens of games. Needless to say, I’ve been playing old school Super Smash Brothers & Pokemon Stadium almost daily. This was such an amazing find, it was like being transported back to 1999.

Frank Ocean: Fun fact; I used to be obsessed with Frank Ocean. Listened to Channel Orange everyday for months on end, fantasizing about meeting him, waiting for his next album to drop. And that’s where my obsession ended. Waiting for his album to drop. After being taunted for four years about his upcoming album, he FINALLY released it. While the petty side of me wants to say it’s trash and not worth the wait, his album Blonde is actually amazing. He is so lyrically talented, each song conveys different ideas and emotions. Favorite tracks: Nikes, Self Control, Seigfried, Ivy. As much as he frustrates me, I just can’t stay mad at Frank Ocean for long. ❤

Frank Ocean Blonde

What’s On My Holiday Wishlist!

If you’re a fellow beauty addict, you know that Christmas and birthdays are primetime for receiving makeup goodies. Every year I sit down and write out a wishlist to give to my family members, because literally all I ask for are beauty-related products! Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and Lush are some usual items that make the cut. Since Christmas is now a week away (ONE WEEK!), I figured it would be prime time to put this post out there. If you’re still working on your list, maybe some of these will catch your fancy. 😉

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind Lipstick Set

Bite Beauty Best of Bite Rewind Lipstick Set Sephora 2015Bite Beauty Best of Bite Rewind Lipstick Set Sephora 2015

For those that are not familiar with Bite Beauty, you are seriously missing out. These lipsticks are heaven-sent, what dreams are made of! Bite is a lip product only brand, and only carried at Sephora. This set includes 4 of their Matte Creme Lip Crayons; 3 of them are new and limited edition shades, one is permanent. The Bite Rewind Set costs $25 and can be purchased here.

Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette Sephorap391755-av-01-hero300

If there’s one brand that has been taking the makeup community by storm this year, it’s Kat Von D. Her line has a wide array of products, not just focusing on one item. The Shade+Light Contour palette is phenomenal, and her liquid lipsticks are top notch. Personally I’m not too fond of the Tattoo liners, but many others are. This eyeshadow palette has gorgeous shimmery metallics, buttery mattes, and a bizarre yet beautiful array of shades. The three shades across the top of the palette act as a base for the beautiful purple, silver, and pearl hues. Innerstellar is $46 and can be bought at Sephora here or off her personal site here.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna

The lipstick world is full of rosey nudes, nearly every brand has their own shade. However, nothing comes even close to the awesomeness of Anna. The NARS Audacious formula is creamy, pigmented, and long wearing. The packaging is nice and chic, I love that it has a magnetic closure. Anna is a smokey, rose nude that is universally flattering. If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy lipstick, give this one a shot. You can buy this $32 lippie at most beauty places, like Sephora, Nordstroms, and NARS website.


Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

p391759-av-03-hero300p391759-av-04-hero300Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette Matte 2015

“Uhm, this looks just like an ordinary, boring eyeshadow palette. Neutral shades, what’s so great about this?” The biggest selling feature for the Tartelette palette is that ALL OF THE SHADES ARE MATTE. If you’re looking for a nice neutral palette without any sparkle or shimmer, this one is practically made for you. There are some concerns on whether the shades might be too cool for those with warmer skin tones, and they are reasonable. Mauves tend to look better on cooler complexions. However, Tarte released a NEW Tartelette palette, Tartelette In Bloom. The colors are warmer, and I believe there are two shimmery shades, but the rest are mattes. This palette costs $45.00 and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, Tarte’s website, and Macys.

Tocca Parfum Wardrobe Gift Set

Tocca Parfume Wardrobe Gift Set Perfume SephoraTocca Parfume Wardrobe Gift Set Perfume Sephora

This little perfume set is one of the best gifts you can give to that fragrance addict in your life. The Tocca Parfum Wardrobe Set has 6 of their best selling perfumes in deluxe-mini sizes. Cult classics Cleopatra, Florence, and Stella are included, as are Isabel, Giulietta, and Simone (my fave!). This elegant little gift is $42.00 and is only available at Sephora.

“Where The Light Is” Eyeshadow Foursome by Colourpop

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Where The Light Is Kathleen Lights Eyeshadow Quad 2015Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Where The Light Is Kathleen Lights Eyeshadow Quad 2015

Even though this product has been around for a couple months now, it is still so stunning and a great way to get introduced to Colourpop’s shadows. This eyeshadow quad is part of a collab with youtuber Kathleen Lights, and is all about that golden bronze smoky eye. The first two shades are matte, and the other two have a sparkly, pearlized finish. Just gorgeous! You can pick this quad up for $20 at Colourpop’s website here.

StingRAYE Ultra Matte Lippie by Colourpop

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick StingRAYE Itsmyrayeraye collab 2015Rayezor-Stingraye-swatch-250x250

Such a lovely lipstick! StingRAYE is from Colourpop’s newest collab with the ever-so-pretty Raye Boyce, or “Itsmyrayeraye”. This ultra matte liquid lipstick is a mauve brown with cool undertones, and looks different on nearly everyone! If you follow the hashtag #stingraye on Instagram, you’ll see how this ranges from a light mauve to a dark brown on different complexions. It’s still so gorgeous, no matter how it appears. Available for $6 on here.

Now for all of the Lush goodies! Lush always has such pretty holiday gifts, this year is no exception. Out of the dozens of gifts available, here are my top three:

Lush Cosmetics Christmas Party Gift Set

Lush Cosmetics Holiday Gifts 2015 Christmas PartyLush Cosmetics Holiday Gifts 2015 Christmas Party

This little gift trio is a perfect choice for anyone on your Christmas list. The packaging is fun and bright, (the ribbon nearly glows in the dark!) the price is great, and it includes the exclusive Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream! A delectable citrus scent with a chocolatey undertone, it’s one of Lush’s best fragrances. I would buy this set just for that shower cream, that’s how amazing it is! Christmas Party contains that yummy shower cream, Baked Alaska soap (grapefruit!), and Celebrate hand and body lotion (citrus champagne!). At $27.95, it’s the perfect present for everyone. You can pick up Christmas Party at your local Lush store or online here.

Lush Cosmetics The Human Cannonball Gift Set

06506_bLush Cosmetics Holiday 2015 The Human Cannonball Gift

For the fun-loving bath taker in your life, The Human Cannonball is a must-have. This gift is nothin’ but bombs, and has the cutest vintage packaging. When you pull the tissue paper off the top, it releases confetti and makes a pop! You get 5 bath fizzies: Fizzbanger (spicy apple), Luxury Lush Pud (beautiful lavender), Intergalactic (minty and grounding), Father Christmas (candy sweet), and Shoot For The Stars (honey toffee). All 5 of these bombs create wonderful works of bath art, and is a fantastic gift to give (or receive!). This fun set costs $39.95 and can be purchased at your local Lush shop or online here.

Lush Cosmetics Zing and Zest Gift Set

Lush Cosmetics Holiday Gifts Zing and Zest Christmas Present

I hesitated putting this one on the list, as it is really pricey and obviously not everyone is looking for a $90 gift. However, this is my wishlist, and this present is one of my favorites. If anything, this can be a Boxing Day purchase. Zing and Zest is a gigantic 11-piece gift set containing everything citrus. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, all of your favorites are here! This gorgeous hatbox has Baked Alaska soap, Miranda soap, Buffy body butter scrub, Each Peach massage bar, Refresher shower jelly, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, Gorgeous facial moisturizer, Celebrate hand and body lotion, Ocean Salt scrub, Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, and The Olive Branch shower gel. Zing and Zest is every citrus-lovers dream come true, and you can find one at your local shop or online here for $89.95.

Yep, that’s it! Any of these wonderful products catch your eye? Come Christmas morning, I expect all of these to be under my tree, so my relatives better take note! 😀 What’s on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.

Ginger’s August Favorites: Everything’s looking Braziliant!

Wow, it’s already September! School is back in session, my college sleep deprivation has already started, and the weather is FINALLY starting to cool down! While I’m sad summer is nearly over, I’m extremely excited the fall season is almost upon us. It’s time for oversized sweaters, comfy boots, hot apple cider, and everything pumpkin. Plus, Halloween is just around the corner! Without further ado, here are my August favorites.

August Favorites 2015

Lush Cosmetics Braziliant Shampoo Bar- If you have thicker hair and a love for citrusy florals, you need this baby in your life. I’ve tried 5 out of 6 of Lush’s new shampoo bars (Lullaby, HIWMH, Jason and the Argan Oil, Montalbano, and Braziliant); Honey I Washed My Hair, Montalbano, and Braziliant have become staples in my haircare routine. This month Braziliant has been my favorite. Andiroba oil strengthens hair, while organic oranges, ylang ylang oil, and sweet orange oil make hair shiny and glossy. This bar has a nice, almost creamy citrus scent, cut through with florals from the ylang ylang oil. After using this one for four months, I had to repurchase another.

August Favorites 2015 Lush BraziliantAugust Favorites 2015 Lush Braziliant

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Bellini- A beautiful electric pink gloss, what else could a girl want for summer? There’s even a matching lipstick! Bellini is a bright fuchsia with cool undertones. This product is on the stickier side, but it’s so gorgeously glossy and leaves a beautiful stain. I received this mini in the 250 point lip-kit with a matching mini lipstick and little button mirror, and it is perfect! They’re doing these mini lippies for September and October too, in different shades, so keep your eyes peeled. The shade for September is Mimosa, a bright, slightly deep red.

August Favorites 2015 Bite Beauty Bellini LipglossAugust Favorites 2015 Bite Beauty Bellini Lipgloss

Tocca Perfume in Simone- Oh, how to describe this fragrance…it’s a clean floral, with a little sweetness. It is constantly changing, one minute it’s sweetly floral, the next it’s freshly clean. The official description is: “Sparkling notes of the tropical frangipani flower cut through the sea salt air, as Simone unfolds into creamy layers of watermelon, ylang ylang, and blonde woods.” Simone also has musk and amber notes, which give this fragrance depth and dimension. Unfortunately the scent does fade, but it’s worth toting around a rollerball. This perfume is definitely summer-esque, and is the perfect way to end August.

August Favorites 2015 Tocca Simone PerfumeAugust Favorites 2015 Tocca Simone Perfume

Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light- Being a pale girl in the summer ain’t easy. While it seems that everyone going to the beach, hiking, or just spending the day at Disneyland, gets nice and tan, we have to slather on sunscreen every hour to ward off sunburns. How do you stop from appearing ghostly white in selfies? Bronzer! Hourglass is known for their Ambient lighting powders; they make every picture you take look fantastic. To make these bronzers even better they infused them with their lighting powders, giving your skin a lovely glow. They come in two shades, Luminous and Radiant. These bronzers are very pigmented, so if you’re paler like me, I’d suggest tapping some excess powder off of the brush before applying.

August Favorites 2015 Hourglass Ambient BronzerAugust Favorites 2015 Hourglass Ambient Bronzer

Eyeshadow-turned-Highlighter brush- In one of the many brush sets I’ve accumulated over the years, I received this brush, labeled as an “All Over Eye” brush. Firstly, no. This thing is actually bigger than my eye! Second, the bristles are a little too stiff for a shadow brush. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a hurry and couldn’t find my normal highlighting brush. This just happened to be in the same brush container, so I grabbed it instead. My life has been changed, and this little guy has gone from being a benchwarmer to a starter in my daily routine.

August Favorites 2015 Highlighter Brush

How about some non-beauty favorites? Here’s what else I’ve been loving:

  • Portlandia- This show is hilarious! I’ve been binge-watching this on Netflix for the past couple weeks, and I’m in love. If you’re into indie, satirical TV shows, this is definitely one to watch. My favorite characters: Toni & Candace, Peter & Nance, Dave & Kath.

August Favorites 2015 PortlandiaAugust Favorites 2015 Portlandia

  • Face Off- A special effects makeup competition?! While I’ve never really delved into the world of special effects, I’ve just stayed in the beauty range, this show is SO much fun to watch. There is so much creativity, kindness, and amazing looks! It’s also really fascinating to see how much work goes into a look.

August Favorites 2015 Face OffAugust Favorites 2015 Face Off

  • Years and Years- This band has been on replay all month long; they are just fantastic. The lead singer Olly Alexander has such a unique voice, and their music is so infectious you can’t help but dance and sing along. Songs worth listening to: King, Desire, Take Shelter.

August Favorites 2015 Years and YearsAugust Favorites 2015 Years and Years

What have been your August favorites this month? 🙂

Ginger’s July Favorites: Becca, Clarins, and Lush; Oh My!

Happy August everyone! Well, this is a bit awkward, as it has been August for the past 5 days…Anyways, August: the month of first days of school, last days of summer, and declining temperatures. I’m really excited about that last one, because it has been so hot and humid here in California lately! This monthly favorites post is a few days late but hey, better late than never. These products are ones that I had used repeatedly in July, some brand new to me and some old favorites.

July Favorites 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- If you read my review on this, you might’ve remembered how “mehh” I was about Naked Smoky. Colors didn’t blend well, pigmentation issues, fallout; you know, the whole shebang. However I have been playing around with this palette for the past two weeks, and I must admit, it’s growing on me. Sure the darker colors are difficult to blend, but it’s not impossible; Radar really lacked pigmentation, but I can pack on the color! Just changing my mindset has made me enjoy Naked Smoky so much more. Current combo fave: Combust+Dirtysweet+Radar+Thirteen+High.

July Favorites 2015 Naked Smoky

Combust, Dirtysweet, Radar, Thirteen, and High
Combust, Dirtysweet, Radar, Thirteen, and High

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone- This highlighter is an old favorite, that is also a sort of a “new to me” product; let me explain. For the past few months, I’ve been using Becca highlighter minis in Opal and Moonstone to fuel my Strobing obsession. When the August Rouge Event came up on Sunday the 2nd, I decided to purchase a deluxe size Skin Perfector in Moonstone. Even though I technically bought this in August, I also used it sparingly in July as well. I still have some Opal left, but I find the pale gold in Moonstone is a bit more flattering than the tan shimmer in Opal. Pale Girl Problems, am I right? Becca highlighters are so beautiful, have great texture and lasting power, and are shimmery instead of glittery, which is a nice change from some of the other highlighters on the market. They are perfect for a subtle highlight, and are great for mixing in with foundation for a nice all-over glow.

July Favorites 2015 Becca Moonstone

July Favorites 2015 Becca MoonstoneJuly Favorites 2015 Becca Moonstone

Lush Cosmetics The Olive Branch Shower Gel- There is literally no other way to describe this product than with one word: perfection. Olive Branch contains mandarin juice, bergamot oil, sea salt, orange flower absolute, and olive oil. While these ingredients do not seem like they would get along at all, they somehow do, and it smells amazing! The olive oil helps soften the skin, and the essential oils give this gel a subdued floral/orange scent. It’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean, and the soothing scent lasts forever on your skin. Olive Branch is a gorgeous shade of orange and has a foam layer on top. This is the olive oil, which requires you to shake the bottle before use; otherwise you risk washing yourself with straight up olive oil! This product will definitely be a repurchase.

July Favorites 2015 Lush Olive BranchJuly Favorites 2015 Lush Olive Branch

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara- This mascara came into my possession through a makeup trade, and I am so glad my trade partner sent me this. Lights, Camera, Lashes claims to increase the appearance of lash volume by 330%, which seems like a pretty steep claim. After using this mascara for 3 weeks, my lashes have changed dramatically. They are longer, softer, and so voluminous it’s almost unbelievable! One of the many downfalls of being a ginger is having super blonde, short, stubby eyelashes. In the past I had to use 3 different mascaras to get the look that Tarte gives me; Buxom Lash as a base, YSL Babydoll for length, and MUFE Smoky Extravagant for volume. Let’s just say this one tube has saved me over $50 on mascara, which is a blessing for my wallet. The packaging is super cute, and the only downfall is that sometimes too much product gets on the brush, which can sometimes clump; good thing they make eyelash combs! This mascara just might be a Holy Grail product.

July Favorites 2015 Tarte Mascara

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate- If you have puffy, swollen eyes in the morning from pulling an all-nighter, this is the product for you. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, this is the product for you. If you have eyes, this is the product for you. I cannot stress enough how important skincare is for everyone, even men, and this is the perfect eye cream. After applying to the entire eye area, you will notice a change within a few minutes; it’s like magic! Maybe this should be called Magic Cream, because it is turns puffiness into a disappearing act. As a college student, it’s expected that I work on papers and assignments into the wee hours of the morning. When it’s time to wake up, it looks like I went 10 rounds with Pacquiao. That’s when this little miracle worker comes in handy, because I honestly can’t afford to use it everyday. Claris Eye Concentrate has an $83 price tag, something that is just a little out of my price range at the moment. This will be a splurge product for sure.

July Favorites 2015 Clarins Eye CreamJuly Favorites 2015 Clarins Eye Cream

What were your favorite July products? Let me know in the comments! 🙂