Lush Cosmetics Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Coconut oil; the miraculous new ingredient that has 101 uses. Need to remove your makeup? Oil pulling? Help with allergies? Deep condition your hair? This magic goop is a cure-all for any ailment. The moisturizing properties makes it great in skincare products, so it’s a no-brainer that Lush would capitalize on it with one of their latest products.

Lush Cosmetics Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Lush Cosmetics Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub is a highly moisturizing salt-based scrub, perfect for hands affected by this cold winter weather. Fine sea salt and fresh lemon infusion scrubs and brightens while cupuacu butter, argan oil, and extra virgin coconut oil moisturize. If you’ve been a lushie for awhile, you might find it’s scent a little familiar. This hand scrub shares the same coconut fragrance as their now discontinued Furze perfume.



To use, simply wet your hands a bit, apply a generous scoop onto the backs of your hands, and begin scrubbing! Once you feel like you’ve buffed your skin enough, rinse the remaining scrub off and towel dry your hands. This product will make them ultra-smooth and baby-soft.


At only $15 a pot, Salted Coconut Hand Scrub is a must-have. This will be a product I will continue to repurchase, and highly suggest to anyone. You can pick one up at your local shop or online here in the US and here in the UK.

Lush Cosmetics Hand of Friendship Soap

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is one of the biggest problems in the world right now, with millions of Syrians leaving their country to start life anew. Unfortunately they aren’t as welcome in some places, with the stigma of terrorism attached to their ethnicity. However, Lush being the amazing humanitarian company that it is, wants to make the Syrian refugees plight easier. This is the target of their latest campaign, with 100% of the proceeds from every bar sold going to the Friendship Fund. The Friendship Fund is distributed to various organizations and charities to help the refugees arriving in North America. In store you can fill out a postcard that will be sent out to the arriving families. I must say, this is a brilliant effort to support, one that more companies should!

Lush Cosmetics Hand of Friendship Soap

Lush Cosmetics Hand of Friendship Soap

Hand of Friendship is a pink & gold shimmer bar of soap that looks like 2 hands embracing as in friendship, staying true to it’s name. As touching as the soap appears, it’s scent is just as unbelievably good. You get two main scent profiles from Hand of Friendship, a fruity-cherry scent, and a chocolate-marzipan. They combine to create the most mouthwatering fragrance, one reminiscent of chocolate-covered cherries, cherry coke, and creamy marzipan.

Lush Cosmetics Hand of Friendship Soap

This soap is conveniently sized to fit in the palm of your hand and very easy to use, you won’t have to worry about dropping this! It lathers very well, and leaves your skin ultra soft. Unfortunately, I did have a problem with Hand of Friendship. When being used, you get an ultra-strong generic soap scent with a hint of cherry. That creamy marzipan and chocolate note just disappears, and it begins to smell like soap in a doctors office. Luckily your skin is perfumed with the cherry scent and not the generic soap!

Each bar is $5.95 and can be purchased in store or online here.

Lush Cosmetics “Roses All The Way” Soap

I think it’s safe to say that Lushies all across the U.S. and Canada were a little disappointed in this year’s Valentine’s Day range. There were so many favorites from last year that were cut, like the Floating Flower bath bomb and Heart Throb bubbleroon. You could practically hear the hearts breaking across the country over the loss of the Love Locket bath bomb! 😦 However, even with the smaller line-up, Lush really outdid themselves. After viewing all the products at my local store, from the Kiss lip balm to the majestic Unicorn Horn bubble bar, this soap was the star of the show.

12746532_10206151270086331_1785932085_nLush Cosmetics Roses All The Way Soap Valentines Day 2016

Roses All The Way is an adorable heart-shaped bar of soap with a rosey pattern. Each bar is handpainted a pinky-red shade, an homage to The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Now they could’ve just sold the little rose soaps by themselves, but since this is Lush we’re talking about, of course they had to go and make this product even cuter. In the shops, you’ll find these sitting on top of a heart shaped piece of green soap, to make it appear as though you’re picking a rose right off the bush! That display really sold me on picking one of these up.

Lush Cosmetics Roses All The Way Soap Valentine's Day 2016

Sharing the same fragrance as the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask, Roses All The Way has a powdery rose scent. It’s nice and light, on the fresher side of most floral fragrances. Fresh rose infusion, rose oil, and rose syrup all combine to create this wonderful soap.


While this lathered well and was easy to use, the color does fade to a light baby pink. Still beautiful of course, just something to be aware of. I also found that this dried out my skin a bit, but it’s totally worth it. Just top it off with a nice lotion and you’re good! You can stop by your local shop and pick one out yourself or order online from the UK here and the US here. Each bar is $7.95 and well worth the value. Valentine’s Day may be tomorrow, but it’s never too late to stop and smell the roses!

Spoiler: Lush Valentine’s Day 2016!

This year’s Valentine’s Day range was leaked on instagram a few days ago, pamphlets have been making their way into stores across the U.S./Canada, and I have some bad news…I’ll let the following pictures do the talking. (Don’t worry UK, your spoilers are in here too!) Here is what’s coming to stores in NA:

Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
Valentine’s Day products for NA and Canada, thank you @bubblegumlipscrub on instagram!
Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
Thank you @lushteacher on instagram for sharing!
Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
A new knot-wrap, thank you @lushteacher for posting!
Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
New gift sets, thank you @lushteacher on instagram!
Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
The big gift set! Once again, thank you @lushteacher on instagram. 🙂

Notice anything missing? There aren’t any bath bombs!! Love Locket and Floating Flower were cut from this year’s lineup, and it appears Heart Throb bubbleroon and Lonely Heart bubble bar were left off the roster as well. 😦 Prince Charming has a new formula; instead of it’s popular gel form, you can get it as a shower cream! The Kiss balm and scrub are back, as is the lavender Unicorn Horn bubble bar. I find it odd that there is such a difference between the UK and US items this year:

Spoiler Lush Valentine's Day 2016
Valentine’s Day products in the UK

2 new bath bombs AND Heart Throb?! Also, all of the items mentioned in the NA spoiler will be available in the UK as well. That means NA=5, UK=8. If you didn’t have a chance to try Heart Throb last year, it is wonderful. It creates a ton of bubbles, moisturizes your skin, and you get at least 2 uses out of it! Same fragrance as African Paradise body conditioner, a spicy floral with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla. I couldn’t find any pictures of the UK gift sets yet; I’ll update this post when more info is released. If the information on the pamphlets is correct, you can expect these in-store January 15th and online sooner! ❤

Lush Cosmetics “The Icing On The Cake” Shower Roulade

Bearing the name “The Icing On The Cake”, this soap is destined to smell yummy and delicious. With ingredients like almond milk, orange peel, soya cream, and chestnut puree, this product doesn’t disappoint, and this roulade is mouth-watering. Before I’m tempted to take a bite, I should give this a review!

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

The Icing On The Cake is a soap, but in a roulade form. Having it in this design allows the soap to have more essential oils and butters than a regular bar would, so this is one creamy cleanser! It looks like a bright pink swiss-roll covered in frosting and glimmer. I’m not sure what’s in the outer layer of “frosting”, but it looks sooo good. Darn you Lush, making your products look like food! In store you can get this cut by price, this slice was $9.75. Even though it might not look like much, a slice like this will last for a couple weeks-months, depending how much you use it.

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade12282965_10205669489522118_712426383_n

Containing organic cocoa butter, soya cream, and almond milk, Icing On The Cake has a slightly creamy consistency. Fresh orange, lemon, and lime peels add a citrus element, while the chestnut puree and soya milk give it a creamy, almost nutty scent. To top it all off, davana oil and petitgrain oil provide a clean note, and that turns this into an almost boozy fragrance. All of these ingredients make this shower roulade truly unique.

Lush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower RouladeLush Cosmetics The Icing On The Cake Shower Roulade

Now, how exactly do you use this? There are two ways: you can break a little piece off and lather up with it, or use the entire slice like a bar of soap. For this review I used the former. It takes some time to build up a lather, which might be because of the cocoa butter and soya cream. Despite all of these moisturizing ingredients, my skin felt dry after using it. Onto the pros and cons…Pros: It smells heavenly, looks pretty, long-lasting, and the fragrance lasts for hours. Cons: Takes some effort to make a lather, dried out my skin, and is a little pricey.

While I probably won’t buy another slice, I will use up the one I currently have. It still smells heavenly, and I can use a moisturizing lotion to combat the drying issue. Have you tried this yet? 🙂

Lush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Face Mask

Part of being a beauty blogger and writing reviews is being objective. As much as I would love to give everything a great review, especially from a brand I love and recommend, sometimes you just can’t beat around the bush.

Lush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask Review

When it comes to face masks, Lush Cosmetics is my go to. They use fresh ingredients, are very reasonably priced, and have masks for every skin type and concern. Love Lettuce, Don’t Look At Me, and Brazened Honey are my regular faves, and Oatifix is great for dehydrated skin in the colder months. Cranberry Festive Face Mask is their newest addition to the skincare lineup, and is only sticking around for the holidays. Other bloggers have been giving this rave reviews, so I feel like I’m in the minority on this one.

Lush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask Review

Cranberry is an odd pink color, one that could be mistaken as a skin condition. It’s  not the prettiest mask, that’s for sure. The texture is really nice; it’s easy to spread, so you only need a little.

Lush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask Review

This mask is very fragrant; with tartness from the cranberries, bitter from the fennel, a slight tang from the chicory and lemongrass, and some slight floral from the added fragrance. Honestly, this smells like Old Lady Perfume. Strong, overly floral, and lasts forever. 5 hours after washing this mask off my face, I could still smell that woodsy floral aroma.

Lush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask ReviewLush Cosmetics Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask Review

After leaving the mask on for 15 minutes, I began to wash it off. However, this mask would NOT come off. It’s like it was glued to my face! After 5 minutes of trying to remove it, I actually had to claw it off. Even after I was sure I got most of it off, my skin still felt odd. Thinking that maybe I applied it too thick or left it on for too long, I gave it another attempt a few days later. This time, only 10 minutes and a thin layer of mask. Still, same results. Even worse, my face felt leathery (eww!) and bumpy. Maybe I’m allergic to something in this festive mask, but I will not be repurchasing or suggesting this to anyone. 😦