Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in “Molly”

Confession time: the main reason I purchased this lipstick is the name. We’ve all done it at some point, right? When a product’s name is so cheeky, clever, or just plain cool, you have to have it! That was exactly the case with this lippie in the shade “Molly”. For those unfamiliar with music festivals, this a very popular, uhm, “happy pill” that makes the music more enjoyable and the night a lot crazier. 😉 Luckily this is a beautiful shade, one that has become a favorite in my lipstick arsenal.

Colourpop’s official description for Molly: “You’ll be hugging all your friends in this mid-tone plum lilac”. The color profile is pretty spot-on, as this lipstick doesn’t really lean warm or cool toned, meaning there’s a good chance it’s flattering on all complexions. As with all makeup though, it doesn’t always look the same on every person. For me, it looked a little dustier, not as bright as it looks on Colourpop’s models. However, when Molly fades it leaves behind a bright, mid-tone pink stain. Personally I like when lipsticks leave stains, that way if you aren’t able to reapply the product your lips still have some color to them.


This is also one of Colourpop’s newer liquid lipstick formulas, The Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick. Unlike their Ultra Mattes, the Ultra Satins don’t have a flat matte finish and aren’t as drying. Since they aren’t matte, they are slightly, and I mean veryyy slightly, tacky. As long as you don’t apply too much, you’re good on the tacky-factor! The formula applies nice and smooth, very pigmented. All you need is one swipe, it doesn’t appear patchy at all. Personally, I like the Ultra Satins better than the Ultra Mattes. The formula is a lot smoother, more moisturizing, and doesn’t flake off or fade in a noticeable way.


Final Thoughts: After wearing Molly a few times out-and-about, it lasted for a good 5-6 hours before starting to fade. However, it faded beautifully. When checking my lips at the 6 hour mark, they were just a pretty vivid pink instead of the plummy lilac I had on before. There wasn’t any patchiness, therefore it wasn’t in dire need of a reapplication. As said before, this shade has become one of my favorites. Click here to check out Molly on Colourpop’s site.

Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Lipstick in Dark Purple, Shade 50

Finally, one of the few shades from the Covergirl lipstick collection that is actually an everyday color! As much as I love Lilac 20, it’s just not something I would wear to work or on a lunch date. Most people don’t consider berry lipsticks to be casual or professional, but I highly disagree. With the appropriate eye makeup, purple lipstick can be very classy (and sassy!). When it comes to this lippie, Dark Purple 50, how does it measure up to the previous frosted lipsticks? After initially purchasing these, I was almost 100% sure this would be my favorite shade.

Covergirl Star Wars Lipstick Dark Purple 50 Review12336413_10205746950458593_1180638027_n

Dark Purple 50 is a deep, blackened purple with a glossy finish. As with all of the other shades in this collection, I seriously wish I could rename them. This one would be “Queen of Naboo”, because Queen Amidala was totally owning this purple ensemble.

Covergirl Star Wars Lipstick Dark Purple 50 Review

Unlike Lilac 20 and Nude 70, Dark Purple 50 has little to no shimmer. This shade is very glossy and quite honestly, pretty streaky and patchy. The other two were so easy to apply I could do it without using a mirror! This one though…yikes. After spending a couple minutes trying to get the purple lipstick to comply, this is what I was left with. It’s not bad, but not really good either. Just kind of “meh”. After an hour of wear, I noticed fading on the center of my lips and feathering on the outer corners of my mouth. If this lipstick was higher end, like $15-$30, I would definitely be returning it. Of course there are better dark purple lippies on the market, it’s just too bad this wasn’t one of them.While I love the punk-ness of Dark Purple 50, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this shade anytime soon.


12355087_10205746950218587_1131646086_nCovergirl Star Wars Lipstick Dark Purple 50 Review

How surprising! Out of the three lipsticks I tried, Lilac 20 was definitely my favorite, followed very closely by Nude 70. If you already own some dark berry lip colors, I’d suggest passing on this one. Well, only one more Star Wars product left to review, the Covergirl Light Side Waterproof Mascara! That should be up sometime next week, so stay tuned. 🙂



NYX Butter Glosses in Raspberry Tart and Merengue

Happy Monday everyone! For those of you that survived the massive crowds in store on Friday, I hope you got all the savings you were looking for. ❤ I was too stuffed from Thanksgiving to drag myself to the mall; instead of fighting over the last striped sweater at H&M, I was busy dreaming about decorating the Christmas tree. That’s right, the best holiday of all is now upon us! Even though I’ve silently been celebrating Christmas since the beginning of November, it’s finally socially acceptable to celebrate this joyous season. Time to break out the ornaments, wrapping paper, and hot chocolate! 😀 Now it’s time for a review:

If you’re one of those higher-end makeup lovers that believe anything less than $10 must be awful quality, hold that thought and pick up a gloss. NYX Butter Gloss is a cult-classic item, one that nearly every makeup junkie owns. Well, almost everyone…These two are my first ones! They’re super affordable, sweetly scented, and slightly sticky. NYX Butter Glosses may only be $5, but they are better quality than some $20 ones you’ll find at Sephora. The pigmentation is on the sheerer side and the texture is just perfection. Nice and smooth with minimal stickiness, what could be better? The only problem I have with this lippie is that it applies a little streaky. Raspberry Tart (the purple one) definitely takes some time to get just right, as the pigment tends to gather around my lipline.

NYX Butter Gloss Raspberry Tart and Merengue Review12305456_10205716756983775_1739179042_n12319529_10205716757303783_1898561199_n

Merengue is a pretty baby pink with a decent wear time, around 4 hours. This shade is on the lighter side, it reminds me of MAC’s Pink Friday lipstick but in gloss form. Overall: B+.

NYX Butter Gloss Merengue Review

NYX Butter Gloss Merengue ReviewNYX Butter Gloss Merengue ReviewNYX Butter Gloss Merengue Review

Raspberry Tart is a bright berry purple that has 3-3 1/2 hour wear time. I had a little trouble applying this shade, as the streakiness was frustrating to deal with. After getting everything looking great it wore fairly well, although I was dreading the time when I’d have to reapply it. Overall: A solid C.

NYX Butter Gloss Raspberry Tarte Review

NYX Butter Gloss Raspberry Tarte Review12305908_10205716756743769_1989176204_n12319214_10205716756823771_8371727_n

Despite that issue, I’m really fond of these glosses. They’re perfect for gifting, have the cutest names (bakery treats!), are reasonably priced, and there are a wide array of shades available. You can find these at Ulta, certain Target and drugstore locations, certain fashion chains (Charlotte Russe, Ashley Fox, etc.), and their website here. 🙂

Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Lipstick in Nude, Shade 70

Let’s state the obvious: this shade isn’t your traditional nude lipstick. When I think of a natural lipstick, a nice light peachy brown with a semi-matte finish comes to mind. However, since it seems like the entire Covergirl Star Wars collection is shimmery or glossy, Nude 70 is no exception. That doesn’t mean this shade is awful, quite the contrary to be honest!

Covergirl Star Wars Nude 70 Lipstick ReviewCovergirl Star Wars Nude 70 Lipstick Review

Nude 70 is a light bronze with copper/gold shimmer. It has a creamy texture, and is on the sheerer side. It has a slight frostiness to it, but not nearly as much as Lilac 20. You can build up the coverage from a nice bronze shimmer all the way to a bright copper penny effect. It’s very easy to apply and has a decent wear time, around 4-5 hours. It doesn’t settle into liplines and doesn’t leave a stain. I feel like this can be an everyday shade, but wouldn’t really classify it as a nude lipstick.

Covergirl Star Wars Nude 70 Lipstick Review12270573_10205659890642152_722383207_nCovergirl Star Wars Nude 70 Lipstick Review

12167892_10205659890682153_1572171502_nCovergirl Star Wars Nude 70 Lipstick Review

With these lipsticks, there is one thing that I find really disappointing. With such a fun collection, why not have awesome names? If only I could rename these lipsticks…Instead of “Nude 70”, how about “Tattoine Sandstorm”? “Lilac 20” would be “Galactic Ice”, and “Dark Purple 50” might be better as “Queen of Naboo”. I feel like Covergirl really missed out on a great opportunity here. 😦

Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Lipstick in Lilac, Shade 20

Frosted lipstick, you either love it or hate it. Personally I love it; it’s a trend I grew up with, so it’s nostalgic for me. Matte lipsticks have been all of the rage for years, pushing sparklier shades out of style. When Covergirl showcased all of the shades, this is one that immediately caught my attention.

Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 Lavender

Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 Lavender

Lilac 20 is a shimmering frosted lilac (kinda obvious, based on the name and all…). It’s an icy light purple, totally giving me that futuristic-robot vibe. Perfect for the collection! With frosted lipsticks they normally last for a couple hours because of the shimmer/glitter content. This shade wears off very quickly, lasting maybe 3 hours tops. While that is a bit disappointing, it does fade very nicely, slowly losing that glitter/shimmer until you are left with a faint pink stain. It’s very emollient, easy to apply, and looks great layered over other lipsticks. Lilac 20 is so unique that I am considering buying a back-up!

Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 LavenderCovergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 LavenderCovergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 Lavender

Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 LavenderCovergirl Star Wars Lipsticks Lilac 20 Lavender

Such shimmer! This lipstick definitely isn’t for everyone, but for $6.99, why not give it a shot? You can find this at your local Walgreen’s/CVS/Rite-Aid or pick one up here. 🙂

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle

Ahh, nothing says “Fall is here!” better than brown lipstick; the matte-r the better. This was also a trend throughout the 90’s, but let’s leave that cringe-worthy memory out of it. If you’re truly wearing makeup by season, this is when you should bust out nude and neutral shades, with the occasional dark lippie. Leave your pastel pinks and bold oranges behind, it’s autumn’s time to shine!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle Review

Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tulle is described as a dusty mauve burgundy, and I believe this is mostly accurate. Tulle is definitely more burgundy on me, I’d almost describe it as a bordeaux kind of color. There are some red undertones, but the dusty element makes it a lovely shade of brown. As always, lipstick never looks the same on everyone. The paler you are, the darker this will look…as in my case. Let’s compare: here’s Colourpop’s picture of Tulle side-by-side with a swatch on my arm.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle ReviewColourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle Review

Despite the slight lighting difference, you can already tell the difference in color. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant about wearing this shade as it looks really dark on my lily-white skin. Plus applying darker shades of lipstick is a million times harder, as any mistake becomes glaringly obvious! After a pretty shaky application (hey, I’m still working on my liquid lipstick game) and a few seconds of drying, I was ready for the day. Tulle lasted around 6-7 hours before needing a touch-up, and didn’t budge outside my lip lines at all. This formula is drying, I suggest a lip scrub and non-glossy lip balm before use. EOS works really well as a base for these lipsticks. The longer I wore Tulle, the more I fell in love with it.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle ReviewColourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle Review

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle ReviewColourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle Review

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle ReviewColourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tulle Review

Top to Bottom: Bumble, Tulle, Avenue

Tulle has officially solidified a spot among my go-to lipsticks; it’s such a beautiful color with that classic matte finish. This shade will flatter any complexion, and now is the perfect time to buy! Colourpop is having a Labor Day Weekend deal: $5 off $40, $10 off $60, $15 off 80, etc. They also just released their fall collection, there are some great eyeshadows available. Everything is reasonably priced, these lipsticks are $6 each and can be purchased here. Have you tried any of these lovely lipsticks? What shades are your favorites? 🙂