Ginger’s July Favorites: Becca, Clarins, and Lush; Oh My!

Happy August everyone! Well, this is a bit awkward, as it has been August for the past 5 days…Anyways, August: the month of first days of school, last days of summer, and declining temperatures. I’m really excited about that last one, because it has been so hot and humid here in California lately! This monthly favorites post is a few days late but hey, better late than never. These products are ones that I had used repeatedly in July, some brand new to me and some old favorites.

July Favorites 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- If you read my review on this, you might’ve remembered how “mehh” I was about Naked Smoky. Colors didn’t blend well, pigmentation issues, fallout; you know, the whole shebang. However I have been playing around with this palette for the past two weeks, and I must admit, it’s growing on me. Sure the darker colors are difficult to blend, but it’s not impossible; Radar really lacked pigmentation, but I can pack on the color! Just changing my mindset has made me enjoy Naked Smoky so much more. Current combo fave: Combust+Dirtysweet+Radar+Thirteen+High.

July Favorites 2015 Naked Smoky

Combust, Dirtysweet, Radar, Thirteen, and High
Combust, Dirtysweet, Radar, Thirteen, and High

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone- This highlighter is an old favorite, that is also a sort of a “new to me” product; let me explain. For the past few months, I’ve been using Becca highlighter minis in Opal and Moonstone to fuel my Strobing obsession. When the August Rouge Event came up on Sunday the 2nd, I decided to purchase a deluxe size Skin Perfector in Moonstone. Even though I technically bought this in August, I also used it sparingly in July as well. I still have some Opal left, but I find the pale gold in Moonstone is a bit more flattering than the tan shimmer in Opal. Pale Girl Problems, am I right? Becca highlighters are so beautiful, have great texture and lasting power, and are shimmery instead of glittery, which is a nice change from some of the other highlighters on the market. They are perfect for a subtle highlight, and are great for mixing in with foundation for a nice all-over glow.

July Favorites 2015 Becca Moonstone

July Favorites 2015 Becca MoonstoneJuly Favorites 2015 Becca Moonstone

Lush Cosmetics The Olive Branch Shower Gel- There is literally no other way to describe this product than with one word: perfection. Olive Branch contains mandarin juice, bergamot oil, sea salt, orange flower absolute, and olive oil. While these ingredients do not seem like they would get along at all, they somehow do, and it smells amazing! The olive oil helps soften the skin, and the essential oils give this gel a subdued floral/orange scent. It’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean, and the soothing scent lasts forever on your skin. Olive Branch is a gorgeous shade of orange and has a foam layer on top. This is the olive oil, which requires you to shake the bottle before use; otherwise you risk washing yourself with straight up olive oil! This product will definitely be a repurchase.

July Favorites 2015 Lush Olive BranchJuly Favorites 2015 Lush Olive Branch

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara- This mascara came into my possession through a makeup trade, and I am so glad my trade partner sent me this. Lights, Camera, Lashes claims to increase the appearance of lash volume by 330%, which seems like a pretty steep claim. After using this mascara for 3 weeks, my lashes have changed dramatically. They are longer, softer, and so voluminous it’s almost unbelievable! One of the many downfalls of being a ginger is having super blonde, short, stubby eyelashes. In the past I had to use 3 different mascaras to get the look that Tarte gives me; Buxom Lash as a base, YSL Babydoll for length, and MUFE Smoky Extravagant for volume. Let’s just say this one tube has saved me over $50 on mascara, which is a blessing for my wallet. The packaging is super cute, and the only downfall is that sometimes too much product gets on the brush, which can sometimes clump; good thing they make eyelash combs! This mascara just might be a Holy Grail product.

July Favorites 2015 Tarte Mascara

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate- If you have puffy, swollen eyes in the morning from pulling an all-nighter, this is the product for you. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, this is the product for you. If you have eyes, this is the product for you. I cannot stress enough how important skincare is for everyone, even men, and this is the perfect eye cream. After applying to the entire eye area, you will notice a change within a few minutes; it’s like magic! Maybe this should be called Magic Cream, because it is turns puffiness into a disappearing act. As a college student, it’s expected that I work on papers and assignments into the wee hours of the morning. When it’s time to wake up, it looks like I went 10 rounds with Pacquiao. That’s when this little miracle worker comes in handy, because I honestly can’t afford to use it everyday. Claris Eye Concentrate has an $83 price tag, something that is just a little out of my price range at the moment. This will be a splurge product for sure.

July Favorites 2015 Clarins Eye CreamJuly Favorites 2015 Clarins Eye Cream

What were your favorite July products? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Lush Cosmetics “Life’s A Beach” Body Scrub

It’s summer, let the lazy beach days and garden parties begin! Well actually, summer is officially the 21st of June, but here in Southern California it’s been summer weather since early April. One of the California living perks, warm weather year round!

Lush has started a campaign against microbeads, they’re the little plastic scrubby things you find in facial cleansers and hand soaps. Microbeads are not biodegradable, so when they are used they wash down the drain and into our oceans, rivers, and even lakes. One bottle of facial cleanser can have up to 300,000 microbeads, which absorb toxic chemicals and are starting to build up in our waterways. Fish are ingesting them, which obviously isn’t good, and then we eat the fish. It really is a vicious cycle, one that can easily be solved by using natural exfoliants such as sugar, salt, sand, almonds, even charcoal. This is a cause I’ve always been very supportive of, because there is such an easy solution that many big name companies refuse to use. (I’m talking about you, Neutrogena!) For more information about this cause, you can read about it here.

Lush “Life’s A Beach” body scrub
Lush “Life’s A Beach” body scrub

This is Lush’s new limited-edition product, Life’s A Beach. It is a sand and salt scrub, scented with their Vanillary perfume fragrance. For those of you not familiar with the fragrance, it is a vanilla-caramel scent, and can be found in other products like their Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion. I detect a floral note as well, maybe Jasmine? Either way, it smells delightful! This scrub is heavily scented, but it mellows when used. I found it to be a light scrub, Lush’s Sandstone and Figs and Leaves soaps are rougher. To use, dampen your skin, pour some of Life’s A Beach into your palms, and scrub away. This does get a little messy, but it’ll wash right down the drain. It leaves your skin silky soft, and is perfect for getting dry skin ready for the beach. I would suggest following up with a lotion however, as this scrub doesn’t have any moisturizing properties. You can get quite a few uses out of one pot, maybe 10-15, depending how much product you feel is necessary.

Lush “Life’s A Beach” body scrub
Close-up of Lush
Close-up of Lush “Life’s A Beach” body scrub

“Life’s A Beach” is a limited-edition product, so it won’t be around forever! You can buy a pot at your local Lush store or online here for $6.95. All proceeds go to charities fighting to ban microbeads, so pick up a pot of this scrubby stuff and help our environment!

Top Tip: For an amazing vanilla-scented combo, use Life’s A Beach sand scrub, then wash up with Sultana of Soap soap, clean your hair with Honey I Washed My Hair solid shampoo, follow up with Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion, and finish with Vanillary perfume. You will smell like a sweet, Vanilla goddess!